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Ashwin Purnima

Monday, 19 April 2021
Ashwin Purnima

Ashwin Purnima 2021


Date- Wednesday 20 October 2021



The Ashwin Purnima has his own significance. During the year only e on the Ashwin Purnima the moon is of 16th kakalas. This is the reason why the moon of this night is considered to be the purest and its rays are considered as amruth. This full moon of Shukla Paksha is also called Sharad Purnima. This Purnima falls in the month of Ashwin. In some parts of the country it is considered as commode fast and in some places it is also known as the kojagar fast. On this day he is prepared from the milk and is kept in front of the moon light so that the rays of the moon can fall directly on the Kheer and make it Amruth. The theory which is equal to the Amruth is considered very fruitful and beneficial.



Ashwin Purnima auspicious time


Purnima starts at-

19 October at 19:05:43

It Ends on-20 October until 20:28:57



Ashwin Purnima Puja method and process-


On the day of Ashwin Purnima, many large programs are organized especially in the temples. Good and beneficial fruits can be obtained by following this fast in the correct method.


Following are its steps-


Step 1- wake up before the sunrise and take a resolution of the fast.


Step 2- takes a bath in a reservoir, pool or in a holy river.


Step 3- e new clothes and jewellery should be worn on the adorable deity.


Step 4- the Aaradhya deity should be worshipped with incense, lamps, naivedya, supari and the Dakshina should be offered.


Step 5- you must offer God with Kheer made from cow’s milk, ghee and sugar at midnight.


Step 6- after the moon rise it should be worshipped and the key should be offered as the Naivedya.


Step 7- put the key in the night in such a way that the moon rays fall on it all night.


Step 8- distribute Kheer as Prasad in the morning to everyone in the family and accept it as a Prasad.


Step 9- you must put wheat and water in a pot and put Roli and rice in them and on the day of Ashwin Purnima you must recite and hear the story of Ashwin Purnima.



Step 10- on this day, along with Shiv Parvati Lord Kartikeya should be worshipped.



The significance of Ashwin Purnima-



On the day of Ashwin Purnima the moon comes close to earth. During the Ashwin Purnima, the season is so clean and good. That why is why it is considered very auspicious if the moon rise fails on the body on this day. The baby starts from Sharad Purnima and the fasting should also begin from this time. The women observe the fast especially for the children and worship god for their wishes. Goddess Lakshmi was incarnated on the day of Ashwin Purnima, therefore worship of Lakshmi Mata is important to attain wealth. If there is a Chandra dosh in the Kundli then it is considered very important to eradicate this day's Kheer to remove the dosh because the Chandra dosh are removed by this  eclipse.




The story of Ashwin Purnima-



The story of two Sisters is prevalent on Ashwin Purnima. During the ancient times there were two sisters one of which used to observe the Ashwin Purnima fast with complete guidelines and the other sister broke this fast in the middle itself. Time passed by and both of them got married. When both the sisters used to give birth, the child of the eldest sister would take birth healthy and the child of the younger sister would die after being born. Many a times this happened then at that time, a Maharishi asked the younger sister to observe the fast of Ashwin Purnima. Even after observing the fast the child who was born was dead. Then she tied it in a bundle of cloth and put it on a corner. When her elder sister came to visit her she asked her to sit on the same bundle. As soon as the elder sister touched that bundle the child came alive and started crying. This was due to her constant observance of the Ashwin Purnima fast.

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