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Durga Temple of Azerbaijan

Monday, 19 April 2021
Durga Temple of Azerbaijan

Durga Temple of Azerbaijan

It is said that God is in every particle. They live everywhere. God can be found in every corner of the world. The only condition is that devotion to God should be done with a sincere heart. Yes, if people call on God with genuine heart, then God will surely come to hear their call. We are going to tell you about one such miracle of devotion to God. Actually, today we will tell you about such a temple of Mata Durga which is not in India but in a country whose name is also known by a few people and the most surprising thing is that that country is a Muslim country. Where there is a miraculous and beneficial temple of Goddess Durga, then let us know ...

Temple of fire

We are talking about the country of Azerbaijan, which is a Muslim country. Mata Durga has a very unique temple in this Muslim country. In which the flame keeps on burning all the time. Although there are thousands of temples of Goddess Durga in India, but having a temple in a Muslim country is a big thing in itself. This Durga temple is known as Temple of Fire. Which is made in Surakhani area of ​​Azerbaijan.

Construction of temple

It is believed that Indian merchants built the temple in this Muslim country. Actually, Hindu traders come here because of trade. After which one of them, Nami Seth of Haryana built the temple and set a new example in the Muslim country. The merchant's name was Buddhadev, who lived in Madja village in Haryana. Along with Buddhadev, two more merchants Uttamchand and Sobhraj were also involved in the construction of the temple. Evidence of this is also found on some inscriptions in the temple. The temple is believed to have been built in Samvat 1783.

Amazing wonders of the temple

The building of this Durga temple looks like an ancient fort. But in shape it is exactly the same as a Hindu temple. Mata Durga's weapon trident is located on the roof of the temple. The flame always burns inside the temple. Which no one knows about since when the last flame has been burning. This is the miraculous light of mother which never extinguishes.

Hindu priest escaped

Hindu priests used to worship in this temple. But he escaped from Azerbaijan after 1860. Since then, worship is not done here in this Durga temple. It is also said that earlier local people also worshiped here. Which included people from Hinduism as well as other religions. People used to go to this temple to fulfill their wishes and every wish of the mind was fulfilled in this temple of Maa Durga. Even today, if worship is done here, Mother Durga will remove all the sufferings of her devotees.

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