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Baidyanath Dham

Monday, 19 April 2021
Baidyanath Dham

Know, the glory of Baba Baidyanath displaced by Panchshul
Baidyanath Dham
Baidyanath Dham is located in Deoghar, Jharkhand. This is the holy place which is included in the 12 Jyotirlingas. It is said that the heart of Mother Sati fell in Devghar, so Lord Shiva gave instructions to Baba Bhairav ​​to protect the heart. Bhairavnath sits here in the name of Baidyanath. This temple has a legend. Let's know

Legend of Baidyanath Temple
According to the old story, it is said that once Ravana, the king of demons, reached the Himalayas to do austerities to please Shiva. Ravana had done such a hard penance that he offered his 9 heads to Lord Shiva. When he was about to behead the tenth, Lord Shiva appeared and he said that I am happy with your severe penance, now you can ask for whatever you want.
Ravana asked the boon that Lord Shiva, I want to take your Shivalinga situated on the Himalayas to Lanka. Then Shiva gave his permission and also gave a warning that if you put this Shivling anywhere on the way, then it will be displaced right there and you will not be able to lift it even if you want to. Then Ravana took Shivling and walked towards Lanka and on the way Ravana was supposed to go for a miniature. Ravana gave the Shivling in the hands of a cowherd. Due to the weight of the Shivalinga, Gawale placed it on the earth and it was established there. When Ravana returned, he saw that the Shivling had been displaced. He tried hard to lift the Shivling but then he remembered what Lord Shankar had said. Whose Ravana went to Lanka with folded hands and thumb over Shivling. The gods come here to worship the Lord's miraculous Shivalinga. Everybody paid obeisance to Lord Shiva by performing Jalabhishek and since then the tradition of offering water to this Shivling has been going on. Whoever brings water here by offering Kanwar in the month of Sawan gets blessings of Shiva as well as other gods.
How did the name Baidyanath
When Ravana went to Lanka keeping the Shivling, then the gods named the Shivling as Baidyanath. According to a belief, it is also said that a devotee named Baiju worshiped Lord Shiva in true devotion and that Lord Shiva was happy with his devotion and kept his Baiju, so he started calling this Shivalinga as Baijnath and later on the name of Baidyanath Became famous with
Sawan Mela of Baidyanath Temple
A fair is organized here in Sawan and a large number of devotees throng here for water consecration. The temple resonates with bomb blares throughout the month. In Sawan, devotees walk 105 kilometers to the Baidyanath Dham with water from the Sultanganj Ganga Ghat and get desired results by offering water to Baba Baidyanath.
Glory of panchshula
Till date you have seen only the trident placed on the summit of all the temples of the world. But in the temple of Vaidyanath Dham, Panchshul is installed. In addition to the Baidyanath temple, there are 21 more temples here. Which includes the temple of Parvati, Vishnu and Lakshmi ji. The Panchshul of this temple is lowered before Shivaratri and a large crowd of devotees throngs to touch the Panchshul. The Panchshul is worshiped and again displaced to the top of the temple.

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