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Chaitra Purnima Vrat 2021

Sunday, 14 February 2021

Chaitra Purnima Vrat 2021

Date- Tuesday, 27 April 2021

According to the Hindu calendar, Chaitra is the first month of the year. The first month of the year has more importance. For this reason, the importance of Chaitra Purnima also becomes more. The month in which Purnima comes it is known by the same name. The Purnima that falls in the month of Chaitra is called Chaitra Purnima. This purnima is also known as Chaitra Poonam. The devotees fast on this day and worship the moon at night with the hope of having the grace of Lord Satya Narayana on them. In North India this day is celebrated as Hanuman Jayanti. 


Auspicious time of Chaitra Purnima

The full moon starts at-12:46:12 on April 26

Full moon and on-27th April at 09:03:15


Chaitra Purnima Puja Ritual 

Bathing is considered very important in the Chaitra Purnima. So, all your  virtuous work can be made meaningful if you follow the fast in the right way.

Following are its steps-

Step 1- One must wake up early in the morning and take the volition of the fast.

Step 2- Offer arghya to the Surya Dev and while offering arghya one must chant the Surya Mantra.

Step 3- After offering arghya to the Surya Dev, the fast should be resolved.

Step 4- One should worship Lord Satya Narayana on this day.

Step 5- After the moon rises one should worship and offer Arghya.

Step 6- On this day after that night worship one must donate a bowl full of raw grains.


The importance of Chaitra Purnima 

It is believed that on this day Lord Krishna organized a Raas Utsav in the Braj region. This is now popularly known as Maha Raas. On this day Lord Krishna used to dance All Night using his YogMaya. Thousands of gopis dance in this Maha Raas and Shri Krishna dances with each of the gopis. Shri Krishna himself organizing on such a large scale shows its importance. Performing the katha of Satyanarayana is very beneficial on this day. By doing this a man gets freedom from the sins of all births. The person observing the fast who offers arghya to the moon on this day and the Chandra dosh in his Kundli and the position of his kundli becomes even stronger. Making a donation on this day gives more beneficials than making a donation on normal days.


Hanuman Jayanti

There are differences regarding the celebration of Hanuman Jayanti but in North India it is believed that Hanuman ji was born on this day. According to the Hindu mystical stories Hanuman ji was born on this day. The Ekadashi of the Kartik Krishna Paksha is also considered to be the birthday of Hanuman Ji in some places. Both the dates are considered to be correct by the scriptures. This is the reason that one is celebrated as the birthday and the other as the Vijay Abhinandan Mahotsav.


The Katha of Chaitra Purnima

According to the katha, there was a city named kanthika during the ancient times where a Brahmin couple lived. The couple had no child. The couple who lived on the basis of Dakshina and they also stopped receiving the dakshina due to not having children. One day, someone advised them to worship Mata Kali. The brahmins wife did the same after which mata Kali herself appeared in front of them and blessed them to have children and ask them to lit a lamp on every purnima and also said that the number of lamps has to be increased on every purnima by Purnima and the counting must be reached 22 till the purnima of kark. With the blessings of mother Kali, the Brahmin’s wife gave birth to a son named Devdas. Once when Devdas was leaving Kashi an incident happened on the way where he was forced to marry. Devdas was underage but due to the brahmin’s fast his short life ends.

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