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Devuthan Ekadashi

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Devuthan Ekadashi

Devuthan Ekadashi 2021

Date November 14 2021



The Ekadashi of Shukla Paksha of the Kartik month is called the Devuthan Ekadashi. This Ekadashi is also called as the Prabodhini as well as Devuthan Ekadashi. This Ekadashi is believed to destroy all the sins and provide for the release of virtue. This Ekadashi is equal to the fruit of Ashwamedha Yagya. Lord Vishnu comes out of sleep in the ocean of Ksheer on this Ekadashi day. During this any kind of auspicious work or marriage is not conducted. It is only after the awakening of Lord Vishnu any auspicious work like marriage begins. On this day Tulsi marriage is also conducted with great enthusiasm.


Auspicious time of Devuthan Ekadashi-


Date- 14 November

Time - November 13 at 13:09:56 to 15:18:49

Timeline - 2 hours: 08 minutes


Hari Vassar expiry time-

Time - 15 November at 13:02:41


The process and puja method of Devuthan Ekadashi-

Following is the process of fasting which is necessary to follow-

Step 1- on the Ekadashi day you must wake up before the sunrise and take a Vow.


Step 2- clean the house and make a statue of Lord Vishnu in front of the Basil plant in the front yard of the house.


Step 3- offer fruit, sweets, Singade, season fruits etc to Lord Vishnu.


Step 4- in the evening along with Lord Vishnu other God and Goddess should be worshipped with full devotion.


Step 5- during the night you should play the Dhol, Nagara and Dholak along with the songs in order to wake up the God.


Step 6- 'Utho Deva, Baitho Deva, Anguria Chatkao Deva, Nayi Sooth, Nayi Kapas, Dev Uthaiye Kartik Mas'. These lines should be repeated again and again.


The Tulsi wedding event-


On this Ekadashi, it is necessary to organize a Tulsi wedding sometime. On this day Tulsi is married to Shaligram. Tulsi is very dear to Sri Hari Narayan Ji and hence it is also called Vishnupriya. The people who do not get the opportunity to do Kanyadaan such people should get the virtue of doing Kanyadaan by marrying Tulsi in to Shaligram in their mind.



The importance of Devuthan Ekadashi-


Devuthan Ekadashi has great significance according to Hindu beliefs. This is also important because from a long time, the time for not doing any auspicious work ends ad from this fasting day all the auspicious works begin. This fast is kept for the family’s happiness and prosperity. Not only will this, by following this fast you attain the fruits equal to donating 100 cows. This day is considered to be good to start any kind of auspicious work.





According to the mythical story, this is the time when Goddess Lakshmi asked Lord Narayana that, ''when you are awake you remain awake all the time and when you sleep you sleep for millions of years. During the time of your sleep, all the grazing is destroy because of which you should sleep from time to time every year. This will also give me some time to rest''. Sharing the words of Goddess Lakshmi Shri Hari smiled and justified the words of Lakshmi Ji saying that if he is awake then the Gods ,Asuras and Lakshmi  suffers a lot as they do not get time to rest so now he promises to sleep every year. He promised Lakshmi Ji that he will now sleep for 4 months every year so that all the Gods including Lakshmi can get a chance to rest. This sleep is known as Alpa Anidhrakalin Mahan Nidra. He said that this will be very good for his dear ones. During his sleeping time whoever worships him with true devotion will get all the joys and lord Narayan along with Goddess Lakshmi will reside in their house.

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