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Dilwara Jain Temple

Saturday, 17 April 2021
Dilwara Jain Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple of Mount Abu

People of every religion live in India and everyone has the right to live with full rights. Every religion is respected here. The beauty of religion is found in religious places in India. People of Jainism, among the most ancient religions, have beautiful temples installed all over the world. Among the grand temples of Jainism, the Dilwara Jain Temple of Mount Abu is the center of attraction. We are going to give you complete information about it. Let's know ...

Dilwara Jain Temple

The Dilwara Jain Temple is situated amidst the Aravalli hills near Mount Abu in Sirohi district of Rajasthan. It is two and a half kilometers from Mount Abu. Dilwara Temple is the most beautiful pilgrimage place of Jains. Which people come from far and wide to see. The Dilwara temple is a group of five large temples. Those whose names are ...

1. Vimal Vasahi Temple

2. Luna Vasahi Temple

3. Pittalahar Temple

4. Parshwanath Temple

5. Mahavir Swami Temple

Dilwara Jain Temple is beautiful as well as one of the most bizarre as it has five temples to visit here.

History of Dilwara Temple

The Dilwara temple was built between the 11th-13th century by two brothers named Raja Vastupala and Tejpal. Historians also believe that this temple was built by the Chalukya dynasty. The oldest temple in these five temples is Vimal Vasahi temple which was built in 1031 AD and this temple is dedicated to the first Tirthankara Adinath ji. While the Luna Vasahi temple is dedicated to the twenty-second Tirthankara Nemnath and was built in 1250 AD. At the same time, Pittalahar temple is dedicated to Rishabhdev. The building of the Parshwanath temple is made of three floors. This temple was built in 1459. Which is dedicated to the 23rd Jain Tirthankara Parshvanath Bhagwan. The Mahavir Swami Temple was built in 1582 and is dedicated to the 24th Tirthankara Mahavir Swami.

Supernatural design of the temple

These temples are designed in a very beautiful way. These temples have been made with marble from stone stones. Whatever temple one sees, it becomes the beauty of its beauty. There are a total of 48 pillars in all these temples, in which beautiful figures of women are made. The roof of the temple is domed. A chandelier in the center of the terrace is embellished. The walls of the temple are carved with lotus deity and Amart pattern.

Amazing idol of Adinath ji in the temple

The idol of the first Tirthankara Adinathji in this temple is very amazing. The eyes of this idol are made of real diamonds. While there is a necklace of precious stones in the neck. The temple has statues of Hindu deities along with the Tirthankaras.

Time to enter the temple

These Jain temples are opened for Jain devotees from 6 am to 6 pm. Whereas people of other religions are allowed to visit only from 12 noon to 6 pm for darshan. Although you can visit this temple in any season, but due to the extreme heat in the months of April and June, fewer travelers go to visit.

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