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Dwarkadhish Temple

Saturday, 17 April 2021
Dwarkadhish Temple

Dwarkadhish Temple

The Dwarkadhish temple is dedicated to Shri Krishna. Dwarka is located in Gujarat and the Sri Dwarkadhish Temple is situated on the banks of the Gomti River. Dwarka is called the city of Lord Krishna. Dwarka was the capital of Lord Krishna in Dwapar Yuga and is a sacred pilgrimage place for devotees in Kali Yuga. The Dwarkadhish temple remains amazing and beautiful. The temple has a different view of the natural. Dwarkadhish is considered the 108th temple of Lord Vishnu. The Dwarkadhish Temple is included in Char Dham Rameshwar, Badrinath, Dwarka and Jagannathpuri. We are going to tell you the special things related to this temple

History of temple
According to Hindu legends, Dwarka is said to have been built by Sri Krishna on a piece of land. Who met the sea. The Dwarkadhish temple was built by Vrajnabh, the grandson of Lord Shri Krishna. It is believed that this temple is 2000-2500 years old. The present form of the temple is built in the 16th century. A little away from the main temple of Dwarkadhish is the temple of Rukmani. Like the other temples in history, the Dwarkadhish temple also tried to attack and the idols were also broken by looting the treasury of the temple. After which Hindus jointly built the temple and with great enthusiasm worship of Dwarkadhish was started. The city of Dwarka is as dear to Mathura as Lord Krishna, because Lord Krishna settled Dwarka after leaving.

Rukmani Temple of Dwarka

Rishi Durvasa once went to meet Shri Krishna and his wife Rukmani, when the sage prayed to Shri Krishna to take him to his palace, Shri Krishna ji started going to his palace with sages Durvasa and Rukmani but Rukmani got tired on the way and He asked for some water from Lord Krishna. Lord Shri Krishna made a hole and drove it out of the river. Due to which Rishi Durvasa became angry and he cursed Rukmini to stay in the same place. Rukmani's temple was built there. It is believed that the temple of Rukmani in Dwarkadhish is the original temple where Durvasa cursed Rukmani.

Structure of Dwarkadhish Temple
Dwarkadhish Temple is a very beautiful and quaint temple. The beauty around it cannot be said. This temple is surrounded by a courtyard. There is a door around it. It is believed that the salvation gate located in the north and Swargadwar in the south is prominent. On the silver throne in the sanctum sanctorum of Dwarkadhish temple, Lord Shree Krishna's Shyamvarni Chaturbhuji is there. Along with Dwarkadhish, it is also called Ranchod ji. In this statue, Shankha Chakra is mace in the hands of Lord Shri Krishna. It is the complete form of Lord Krishna. The temple of Dwarkadhish is five-storied and the summit of the temple is 235 meters high. On the summit, a flag of several colors, about 84 feet long, is waved.

Chakratirth Ghat
Chakratirtha Ghat is situated on the Gomti stream to the south of the Dwarkadhish temple. Just a short distance from it is the Arabian Sea. Where the Samundranarayan temple is located. Nearby is Panchthirtha where there is a tradition of bathing with water from five wells.

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