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Falgun Purnima 2021

Monday, 19 April 2021
Falgun Purnima 2021

Falgun Purnima 2021

Date- Sunday, March 28 2021


Falgun month has religious as well as cultural importance. On this day, the fast is kept during the sunrise which has to be kept till the moon rises up. It has cultural significance because Holi is celebrated on the day of Falgun Purnima, the festival of colors. Humans observe the fast to end The Sorrows and attain happiness. Shri Hari has special blessings on the people who observe this fast on this day. Due to the arrival of full moon in the Falgun month, it is called as Falgun Purnima.


Auspicious time of Falgun Purnima-

The full moon starts at-03:29:11 on 28 March

And the full moon ends at-

March 29 till 00:19:53



The Puja method and process of Falgun Purnima-


Holika Dahan has a special significance in the Falgun Purnima. During the Holika Dahan some water should be sprinkled and the Holika should be made from the cow dung. Apart from this, you must follow the steps which are given below-


Step 1- get up early in the morning and take a bath in a holy river.


Step 2- after taking the bath you must take the resolution of the fast.


Step 3- start your fast from the sunrise till the moon rises up.


Step 4- the holy river bath, donation and worship of God on the day of Falgun Purnima has a special significance.


Step 5- Havan should be performed on this day with wood and dung and Holika Dahan should be e carried out collectively.


Step 6- before the Holika Dahan you must take the Parikrama. During the Parikrama, you must wrap the Roli around the Holika 3 or 7 times.



Step 7- Taking Prahlad's name you must offer flower on Holika.


Step 8- after offering flowers on the Holika, you must put Gulal into the fire and this same Gulal should be applied on the feet of your elders of your house and seek their blessings.



Significance of Falgun Purnima-


Falgun Purnima is considered to be the last month of the Hindu calendar. Hence, the New Year begins after this. Observing a fast on this day helps one to enter into the New Year with new energy. Also, all the sins of this and the previous years are washed away. Worshipping Lord Narasimha, the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu provides salvation for our past sins on this day.



The story of Falgun Purnima-


There are many mythical beliefs about the Falgun Purnima but it is important to know which is the most reliable. According to the story, Hiranyakashyap was a demon king who wanted to kill his son. He took the help of his sister Holika to kill his son. The demonic Holika had a boon that the fire cannot burn. Hiranyakashyap wanted to burn his son taking the advantage of this boon. As soon as Holika sat in the Fire with Prahlad, the situation changed. Prahlad had the blessings of the God. This was the reason that Holika was consumed in the Fire and nothing happened to Prahlad. Lord Vishnu protected Prahlad and save him from Burning. This is the reason why the festival of Holi is celebrated on the next day. It is also seen as a victory of good over the Evil.

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