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Guru Purnima

Friday, 02 April 2021
Guru Purnima

Guru Poornima, which is an important day to remember the importance of 'Guru' or teacher in one's life. According to spiritual experts, it is the guru who transcends a person through the vicious cycle of life and death and helps to understand the reality of the eternal self or conscience. In 2021, Guru Purnima is to be held on Saturday, July 24.


Guru Purnima is celebrated on the full moon day in the Ashadha month of the Hindu calendar. It falls in the months of July-August according to the English calendar.


Spiritual significance of guru poornima


According to Hinduism, Guru Purnima is the day of celebrating the birth of Veda Vyasa, about which the Vedas are said to have divided them into four parts. He also wrote the Puranas, which are considered to be the 'fifth Veda' and the Mahabharata. It is believed that on this day the prayers reach the Mahaguru directly and his blessing removes darkness and ignorance from the life of the disciple.


According to Buddhism, on this day, Gautama Budha preached to his first five disciples after departing from Bodh Gaya towards Sarnath. Subsequently, the 'Sangha' or community of his disciples was formed.


According to Jainism, Lord Mahavira became the 'Guru' of his first disciple Gautama Swami on this day. Thus, this day is also celebrated to worship Mahavira.


According to ancient Indian history, this day is extremely important for the farmers as they worship God for good rain for the next harvest.


Rituals of Guru Purnima


Among Hindus, the day is dedicated to worshiping someone's guru who serves as a guide in their life. Vyasa Puja is held at many places where 'Guru' is chanted with the chanting of mantras. Devotees offer flowers and gifts in honor of Guru and distribute 'Prasad' and 'Charanamrit'. Devotional songs, bhajans and recitations are performed throughout the day. The sacred recitation of Guru Gita is performed in Guru's memory.


Padapuja or sage worship of sages is conducted by disciples in different ashrams.


This day is also dedicated to Guru Bhai or fellow disciple.


Many people begin their spiritual lessons on this day. This process is known as 'initiation'.


Buddhists observe eight teachings of Buddha on this day. This ritual is known as ‘Uposath’. With the arrival of the rainy season from this day, Buddhist monks are known to begin meditation and adopt other ascetic practices from this day.

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