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How should a common person worship God and what is the right time to worship?


What should be the right time to worship and in which way one should worship God? This question always remains in the mind of the people. Today Astro Only has brought for you what Karpatri Maharaj Ji used to hold on to this. Maharaj Ji always advised his devotees to worship at the right time. So let us know what was the opinion of Maharaj Ji about this-

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Worship of Brahma Muhurta in the morning

Maharaj ji always used to tell his devotees that in any case, one should wake up early in the morning at Brahma Muhurta and worship God and meditate while worshiping at this time. Meditation with the help of a mantra is very beneficial for the life of the person and especially for the mental state. Waking up in the morning, one should chant a particular mantra and continuously include it in your daily routine. That's why Maharaj Ji always emphasized the worship of Brahma Muhurta and used to tell people how to chant the mantra at this time.

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Morning worship

After this, Maharaj Ji used to insist on morning worship. After bathing, sitting in front of his favored deities, Maharaj Ji used to insist on the aarti and Chalisa in a lawful manner. Sitting in front of the temple built in the house, he used to insist on doing all this according to the law, offering offerings to the deities and bathing, etc. Only after this, the person should go ahead with his business or job.


 Afternoon Worship

Maharaj ji used to say after this that only a few minutes in the afternoon, but you should remember your deities. Even at this time, if you are in an office or at home, you are at any place, you must remember the deities with the help of mantra for some time. Many times Maharaj Ji has also said that Gayatri Mantra can also be chanted during this time. This keeps the mental state good.

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Evening Aarti

After coming home or men and women who stay at home, they must do Sandhya Aarti. In a legal way, the aarti of the deities must be done by visiting the temple of the house or any other nearby temple. Lighting a lamp in front of Tulsa Ji and lighting a lamp in the temple located in the house, Maharajji used to tell about it.


Mantra chanting before sleeping

Finally, one must chant the mantra for some time before sleeping. Whatever mantra you chant, the same mantra must be chanted after sitting for a few minutes or hours. It seems to be the solution to many problems in life.

So in this manner, a person should worship God during the day. In this worship, do not see how much time it will take, whatever time you have, whatever time you have, according to that time you can worship the gods and God.

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