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Jaya Ekadashi 2021

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Jaya Ekadashi 2021

Jaya Ekadashi 2021 || Date - 23 February 2021

Jaya Ekadashi is considered to be the Shukla Paksha of the Magh month. This is observed to do penance for one's sins. It is considered to be very auspicious to keep fast on this day. By observing this Fast a man is not born to a monster or a ghost’s yoni in his next life. Lord Krishna has also described its importance.

Auspicious time of Jaya Ekadashi-

Date - 23 February

Time - 6:51:55 am to 09:09:00 on February 24

Timeline - 2 hours 17 minutes


Jaya Ekadashi puja method and process-

Lord Vishnu is worshipped during the Jaya Ekadashi. Following are its process which is mandatory to follow-

Step 1- A day before Jaya Ekadashi that is on Dashmi one should eat only Satvik food.

Step 2- it is important to follow chastity and celibacy on that day.

Step 3- it is advisable to take a Vow of the Ekadashi fast after the morning bath. You can observe this fast by having true devotion and dedication in your mind.

Step 4- worship lord Vishnu's Krishna incarnation and offer him incense lamps fruits and Panchamrit.

Step 5- at night you should do the bhajan of Shri Hari and stay awake.

Step 6- the fast on the next day should be carried out only after giving food to the Brahmins and to the needy people.


Things that should be avoided during the fast-

-Consumption of rice is prohibited. Do not eat rice at all.

- It is appropriate to give up eating. One should live a Satvik life. The husband and wife should stay away from luxury things and avoid building physical contacts.

- you must keep control over your speech. Harsh and sympathetic speech is harmful.

- avoid sleeping during the sunset.

- stay away from malice, treachery, lust and love on the day of fasting.


The significance of Jaya Ekadashi-

The Jaya Ekadashi fast is very important. This fast determines your next birth. True devotion to someone then in the next life you will never be born in a painful yoni. The birth of such humans as Monsters or ghost is considered to be a curse of the god. In order to avoid such birth, this fast should be observed. Its importance is more because this fast is also kept for a person's ancestors. Due to the persons fast, his ancestors get a place in heaven and their sins are washed away. This fast is also considered important to keep Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi Ji happy.


If we follow the mythological believes then there is a legendary story popular for the Jaya Ekadashi, according to which this festival was once organized in the Assembly of Lord Indra. The musical program was going on at the festival. There was a Gandharva girl dancing in the same assembly and also so there was a Gandharva man who was singing in a very melodious voice. Lord Indra was enjoying this festival.

During this time the Gandharva girl and the boy exchanged glances with each other and both of them lost their rhythm. Due to this, there was a distraction in the joy of Lord Indra. In such a situation Lord Indra got angry and cursed both of them to be born in the monster's world.

Both the Gandharvas lived a very painful life in the yoni of a monster for a long time. One day they did not consume anything and kept asking forgiveness for their mistake from God. That day was the fasting day of Sahyogvas Jaya Ekadashi. Due to this fact, both of them got rid of hell and return to heaven. All this was coincidental but since then it has become a tradition to observe the Jaya Ekadashi fast and even today people follow this fast in order to avoid a painful birth in the next life.

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