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Jupiter Transit in Aquarius (05 April 2021)

Friday, 02 April 2021
Jupiter Transit in Aquarius (05 April 2021)

In the middle of 5 April night, that is, on 6 April, Jupiter planets are going to enter Aquarius from Capricorn. Till September 15, the Guru planet will be seated in Aquarius. They are going to stay in this state for a long time, after this, they will be seen to be curtailed. On September 14, Jupiter will be seen from Aquarius in Capricorn while retrograde.

On November 21, it is once again from Capricorn that there will be a path to Aquarius in Aquarius. Jupiter's change on 6 April is going to affect all zodiac signs somewhere. Few zodiac signs are going to be such for which this change can be called negative. Otherwise, this change is good for all zodiac signs.

Let us know how this planetary change will be seen giving effect to the 12 zodiac signs-

गुरु गोचर 2021: 5 अप्रैल को देवगुरु बृहस्पति का राशि परिवर्तन



The time of success can be spoken for the people of Aries. You will be seen succeeding. You will see success in the office. Even inside the job, you are going to get a new job. Students will also appear to be successful. New couples will see the happiness of having children. This time is also good for religious travel. You will be seen taking a long religious journey.


Talking about Taurus people, this is the time to get success in new jobs and real estate. You will see yourself benefiting in the field of jobs. Simultaneously, investing money in the land and investing is going to be seen. Your respect will also increase in society. This time can be called good, you should take advantage of this time.


For those who are Gemini, we can say that there can be a dispute between siblings. Need to improve the language and words properly, otherwise, your relationship will appear to be badly affected. New sources of income will be seen. This time can be said well in terms of money. The entire yoga of foreign travel is also being seen.


For Cancer people, it is very important to take care of health at this time. You can have a lot of problems in terms of health. Things like surgery can also be seen happening. Take special care of your health. This time can be said to be good for the benefit of money. Suddenly you are going to get money from somewhere.


This time can be called the time of marriage. People who had a problem right now that their marriage was facing problems then in this time you moved forward about the matter of your relationship. You will get good relationships and your relationship will be confirmed. This time cannot be said well in terms of health. You will get full support from high officials too.


Virgo natives should stay away from enemies. Enemies are about to harass you a lot. Mental stress is on the rise. The totals of new jobs are being seen. In terms of money, the property will also be benefited. If you want to start a new work, then you will get money from your parents or in-laws. You can start a new job, this may be the best time.


Libra people will be seen getting success. In the field of job, you will see success in the field of business. Time can also be said for love affairs. New relationships can be seen starting. The people who have been alone for a long time will see their love affair begin. New means of income will be revealed. You will definitely see some grief in your time from the children.


For Scorpio people, a time of stress can be spoken. You will be seen surrounded by tension at this time, but you will definitely get the benefit of ancestral property. If you want to buy a new vehicle then you should take advantage of this time. You will do planning and can get a new vehicle. Promotion can be seen in the job.


This time can be said well for Sagittarius people. Your confidence will look very high. Students are going to be successful. Getting a new job is going to be seen. Time is good for the money. Can also be seen while travelling abroad. This is a good time, you can start new work also.


If you look at Capricorn, you will be seen to be receiving economic benefits. Can be seen buying land. Can be seen buying a new house. Talk of marriage will be seen moving forward, but take special care of your health. You may have to face problems on behalf of your health.


Your honour and respect will increase. Marriage will be seen to be successful in life. Those who have been living far away for a long time, there are disputes between husband and wife, then those disputes will also be seen to end and you can be seen spending a good time both. There will also be gains in business. Can be seen starting a new job.


Do not spend unnecessary money. Too much expenditure will bother you. You will see profit in business. You have to be aware of your health a little bit.

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