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Kartik Purnima 2021

Monday, 19 April 2021
Kartik Purnima 2021

Kartik Purnima 2021


Date- Friday, 19 November 2021



On this day, actually the demon Tripurasura was slaughtered by Mahadev. Since then Kartik Purnima is also known as Tripuri Purnima. Tripuri Purnima falls in the bright fortnight of Kartik month. On this day the Nakshatra also has special significance. If the Nakshatra is Kartika then it is called Maha kartiki and if their Nakshatra is Rohini then its importantance increases further. Is possible to attain special fruits in the Bharani Nakshatra. Matsya incarnation of Lord Vishnu was incarnated on the eve of Kartik Purnima.



Kartik Purnima auspicious time-


The full moon starts at-12 November at 12:02:50

Full moon ends - 19 November at 14:29:33



Kartik Purnima Puja method and process-


The Aaradhya has special significance on Kartik Purnima. In such a case, it should be e followed in the right manner.

Following are its steps-


Step 1- you must wake up before the sunrise and make the resolution of the fast and then take a bath in a Kund or a river.



Step 2- it is mandatory to worship the following 6- Shiva ,Shambhu ,Santi,Preeti Anusuya and Kshama. This Puja should be performed during the moon rise.



Step 3- to attain the status of Shiva one should fast on the night of Kartik Purnima and donate a bull. At the same time donating cow horse gi elephant and Chariot will increase your wealth.



Step 4- you should donate my sheep in order to remove the the obstructions or suffering in your planetary yogs.



Step 5- after fasting on Kartik Purnima you must also observed the fast of the next Purnima and stay awake during the night as this will fulfill all the desires of a human being.


Step 6- Havan should be organized on this day.


Step 7- you must feed and donate Brahmins and the needy.


Step 8- to end the birth of the Kartik Purnima you must take a bath in the Yamuna river and worship Radha Krishna and donate a lamp.



The significance of Kartik Purnima-



Kartik Purnima is considered to be the most sacred full moon. This is why it is considered at Mahapunit parava. Brahma Vishnu Shiva and Angira have themselves stated the importance of this full moon. On this day by donating a lamp one gets the fruit equal to 10 yagnas. Observing a fast on this day is the most fruitful. Lord Shiva is called that tripurari. By organizing the Tripur festival in the evening and donating Lamps will eliminate all the troubles of the rebirths.



The story of Kartik Purnima-


According to the legendary story, tarakasur was a demon who was killed by Kartikeya the son of Lord Shiva. Tarakaksh , Kamalaksha and Vidhyunmali were the sons of Taraksur who was sad and by their father's death and went to take penance under Lord Brahma. Questioning the Aradhana, Brahma Ji told them to ask for any bone except immortality. The three sons asked for three states on which they could roam anywhere around the world once in a year and they can combined together to form a big state. No one can destroy this Kingdom ,can only be destroyed by such a Lord who can destroy all the kingdoms with the help of one Arrow only. Brahma ji fulfill their wish and made a city from gold silver and iron for all the three sons. Three sons caused great destruction on the earth and in the sky. All the Gods were also frightened by them and on the instance of the Gods Shankar Bhagwan made a Chariot of which every part was made from the Gods. When the three together climb the Mount Kailash with the Chariot they killed all the three together in a straight line during the war. The Chariot of the three came together at a time in the war when Shankar Bhagwan drove three such arrows that destroyed all the 3 simultaneously. Hence Lord Shiva came to be known as tripurari.


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