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Kashmir Files : Astrology Prediction for National Award by Astroonly

Saturday, 12 March 2022
Kashmir Files

Kashmir Files Movie - In the month of March, a film was seen releasing inside Bollywood on the issue of injustice done to Pandits in Kashmir. Made by director Vivek Agnihotri, this film remains a topic of discussion these days. The film was released on 11 March 2022. On making the kundli of the film, it is clearly visible that this film is going to be full of controversies. Inside the film, the atrocities on Kashmiri Pandits are depicted. In what way the terrorists committed atrocities on the Kashmiri Pandits and in what way the Kashmiri Pandits had to be evicted from their own homes. All this painful story has been shown in a very spectacular way in the film.


Kashmir files Movie Prediction


On making the kundli of the film Kashmir Files, it is clearly visible that the way in which there is an effect of Mars in the lagan of the film, then due to this the film will be seen to be surrounded by controversies. In the horoscope of the film, it seems that the film may not earn much financially, but despite this, a special section of the film will be seen to be appreciated. Despite this, it can be predicted that the influence of Venus on the second house of the film kundli and the presence of Rahu in it indicates that the film will still be seen earning money from gifts or awards.

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The kundli of this film also shows that this film may not earn a lot of money financially, despite that, this film will be seen earning a lot of name in the field of art and this film will get good awards in the coming times. Will be seen The film will be appreciated both inside the country and outside the country. Along with this, the planets of the film are also saying that this film will definitely be seen in India in the coming times by getting some awards through National Awards. All the best wishes to the director of the film and the entire team of the film on Astro Only.

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on assumptions and information only. It is important to mention here that Astroonly.com does not endorse any kind of validation information. Consult the relevant expert before putting any information or belief into practice.

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