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Lingashtakam (लिङ्गाष्टकम्)

Thursday, 25 March 2021
Lingashtakam (????????????)

Brahma Muraari Sura Aarcita Linggam Nirmala Bhaasita Shobhita Linggam।
Janmaja Duhkha Vinaashaka Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥1॥

Deva Muni Pravara Aarcita Linggam Kaama Dahan Karunnaa Kara Linggam।
Raavanna Darpa Vinaashana Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥2॥

Sarva Sugandhi Sulepita Linggam Buddhi Vivardhana Kaaranna Linggam।
Siddha Sura Asura Vandita Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥3॥

Kanaka Mahaamanni Bhuussita Linggam Phanni Pati Vessttita Shobhita Linggam।
Dakssa Su Yajnya Vinaashana Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥4॥

Kungkuma Candana Lepita Linggam Pangkaja Haara Su Shobhita Linggam।
San.cita Paapa Vinaashana Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥5॥

Deva Ganna Aarcita Sevita Linggam Bhaavair Bhaktibhir Eva Ca Linggam।
Dinakara Kotti Prabhaakara Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥6॥

Asstta Dalo Parivessttita Linggam Sarva Samudbhava Kaaranna Linggam।
Asstta Daridra Vinaashita Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥7॥

Suraguru Suravara Puujita Linggam Suravana Pusspa Sada Aarcita Linggam।
Paraatparam Paramaatmaka Linggam Tat Prannamaami Sadaashiva Linggam॥8॥

Linggaassttakam Idam Punnyam Yah Patthet Shiva Sannidhau।
Shivalokam Avaapnoti Shivena Saha Modate॥

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