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Lord Chitragupta

Friday, 02 April 2021
Lord Chitragupta

After Diwali, people in India not only celebrate Bhai Dooj but Lord Chitragupta is also worshiped. After the celebration of Deepawali, Chitragupta Puja is celebrated in honor of Lord Chitragupta. This special pooja ceremony is held in most parts of North India.


According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Lord Chitragupta is responsible for keeping full knowledge of every human being's actions on earth and providing justice after the person's death. So, if you are willing to pay your prayers to Lord Chitragupta, here are the things you should know.


Importance of Chitragupta Puja


According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Chitragupta fixes heaven or hell for humans on the basis of his karma and provides justice according to the actions of the person on earth after his death.


It is believed that Lord Chitragupta blesses a person by removing illiteracy and poverty. During the puja, a detailed account of the earnings and expenditure is written and dedicated to God.


Apart from the Kayastha community, the day also holds significance for those who are involved in business ventures.


Worship of Chitragupta God


On this auspicious day of celebration, bathe early in the morning and place a picture or statue of Lord Chitragupta in front of you. Before performing Chitragupta Puja Vidhi, wear clean and hygienic clothes and sit facing east. Then offer sweets, flowers, fruits and light some incense sticks in front of the idol.


As part of the ritual, it is important to keep a diary and pen during worship. There is also a tradition of distributing prasad among the devotees after worship. Therefore whatever prasad is there after worshiping should be distributed among the devotees.



Take a blank paper and write Sri Ganeshaya Namah and Om Chitragupta Namah on it eleven times. To seek blessings from Lord Chitragupta, chant the Chitragupta mantra and pray for his knowledge.

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