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Love Yoga in Kundli

If there are yogas of love in the Kundli, then in that situation the person or love life seems to be passing well. If the planets are good then there is success in love, love marriage is seen and there is no problem in any way in love life. Today every boy or girl is very worried about their love life. In the Kundli, if we see that our love life is strong or weak, then with its help we can also be seen making decisions.


Life is incomplete without love. Life without love becomes dull and useless, so love has been told of great importance in life. Good love life or good love life can make a person happy. How are the yogas of love in your Kundli, you should definitely see it one time or the other or you should definitely see it after consulting the astrologers of Astro Only. You must know what the planets in your love yoga say. Then maybe you can be seen taking the right decision. Today we are telling you how to love yoga can be seen in the Kundli-


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Love yoga in Kundli


Within the Kundli, the planets are seen pointing in this direction whether there will be a success in love or failure will be seen. In order to achieve success in love, it is said that it is very important to have good Venus in the Kundli. Venus, Moon, and Mars are the three planets that are most important for the success of your love. According to astrology, Venus is said to be a female planet. Venus has been considered a factor for things like a good wife or husband, love affairs, luxuries, etc. If Venus is good in the Kundli then there is success in love in life. If there is a vision of sinful planets over Venus or Venus is related in any way with sinful planets, then there is a struggle within love.


According to the astrologer of Astro Only, when the combination of Venus and Mars is formed in the Kundli of the person or these two planets are also making a visual relationship with each other, then in such a situation love can be seen coming out of your life. Along with this, if the lord of the fifth and seventh house is sitting together, this position is also said to be very good for love life. In this situation, you are more likely to get success in love and love. If the sight of Venus is falling on the fifth house and the Moon is also present here, then in this dasha there is success in love and love marriage can be seen. Panchmesh and eleven lords sitting together also show love yoga in the kundli.


Love life threat


But in some kundli there are situations in which the condition of love is not good. All the conditions mentioned above are said to be good for love life but now let's talk about some such situation which is seen ruining the love life i.e. love life. According to the astrologers of Astro Only, this happens due to the sight of sin planets. For example, if Venus and Mars are together in the Kundli, then this yoga is formed as Prem Yoga, but if Saturn's vision comes on it, then the love relationship or love life gets ruined. In such a situation, love marriage relations also fall apart. Similarly, if the conjunction of Moon and Venus is being formed in the Kundli, then it is good for love life, but at the same time, if Saturn is seen above, then this yoga ruins life and situations like breakup arise again and again.

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