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Magha Purnima vrat 2021- When is Magha Purnima vrat in 2021?

Sunday, 14 February 2021
magha purnima vrat 2021

Magha Purnima Vrat 2021


Date- Saturday, 27 February 2021 

Magha Purnima has its own big significance. Magha Purnima falls in the month of Magha. Its significance is also high because the bath that begins in the month of Pausha ends in the Purnima of Magh month. It is said that on this day one gets good results from his own deeds. Person's gets fulfilled his desire by observing a fast and making donations on this day. After having Kalpvaas devotees takes Triveni Bathe and ends Kalpwas in Prayag. According to Hindu conviction, Lord Madhav gets pleased with them who take bath in Holy River and blessed them with affluence, wealth and children. One should take bath on this day who wants to get deliverance.


The Auspicious time of Magha Purnima-


The Full Moon Starts at- 26 February at 15:51:46

Full Moon Ends - 27 February at 13:48:45 

The Puja method of Magha Purnima-

Bathing, donations and fasting can be made meaningful by using the right method in this Magha Purnima that ends Kalpavas. This method is- 

Following are its steps-

Step 1- One must take a bath before the sunrise on this day.

Step 2- Offer Arghya to God Sun and while offering do not forget to chant the Surya Mantra. 

Step 3- After offering the Arghya to God Sun should take vows of fast. 

Step 4- One should worship the Lord of  Madhusudan.

Step 5- Food and necessary things should be donated to needy people.


The significance of Magha Purnima-


The Magha Purnima is a very important day. Its importance gets increased even more if it has Pausha Nakshatra on this day also. It is believed that on this day the Devtas (Gods) take place on Earth and they take a bath in the Prayag. This is the reason by taking a bath in the Prayag means taking a bath with the Gods. In order to get emancipation and fulfil your desires, the Ganga bath is considered to be very important.


The organization of Magha Purnima

To live on the banks of Ganga with the vow of patience, non-violence and devotion is called Kalpavas. This Kalpavas has great importance. This is the reason that Kalpavas arranged on the banks of Ganga. This tradition which has been going on for centuries is still celebrated with full devotion. A big fair is organized every year at Prayagraj. The Kalpvaas beginning with Pausha ends on Magha Purnima. During the time of Kalpvaas, devotees read out the Veda and perform meditation to get closer to God on the banks of Holy Ganga.


The story of Magha Purnima-

According to the mythological beliefs, a Brahmin named Subhvrat word lived on the banks of Narmada. He was a greedy person also. Due to this habit, he did not do anything but tried to spend his whole life to get money. One day he fell sick. During his final days, he realized that he wasted time running after the money and then started looking at ways to attain salvation. Being a scholar, he was aware of the importance of Magha Purnima. So he started worshipping near the banks of Narmada and asked God for forgiveness. After having Kalpvaas for nine days he started feeling sick. He realised that he would now become a member of NarkLok due to his bad habit. But the situation turned when he reached heaven. He asked Shri Hari what is the reason behind this. Shri Hari answered his query that he didn't do any harm to anybody and after performing the Kalpvaas he got the place in heaven.

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