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Mata Shri Chintpurni Devi (श्री चिंतपूर्णी देवी की आरती)

Friday, 26 March 2021
Mata Shri Chintpurni Devi (???? ?????????? ???? ?? ????)

Chintapurni Chinta Dur Karni,
Jag Ko Taaro Bholi Maa

Jan Ko Taaro Bholi Maa,
Kaali Da Putra Pavan Da Ghoda ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Sinha Par Bhai Asawaar,
Bholi Maa Chintapurni Chinta Dur ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Ek Haath Khadag Duje Me Khanda,
Tije Trishul Sambhaalo ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Chauthe Haath Chakkar Gadaa,
Paanchve Chaithe Mundo Ki Maalaa ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Saatve Se Rund Mund Bidaare,
Aadye Se Asur Sanhaaro ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Champe Ka Baag Laga Ati Sundar,
Baithi Deevaan Lagaye ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Hari Bramha Tere Bhavan Viraaje,
Laal Chandoya Baithi Taan ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Aukhi Ghaati Vikata Paindaa,
Tale Bahe Daariya ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Suman Charan Dhyaanu Jas Gaave,
Bhakta Di Paj Nibhao ॥
॥ Bholi Maa ॥

Chintapurni Chinta Dur Karni,
Jag Ko Taaro Bholi Maa

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