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mithun sankranti

Friday, 02 April 2021
mithun sankranti

Mithun Sankranti is known as Ashar in eastern India, Ani in southern India and Mithunam Oanth in Kerala. This is the day when the Sun changes from Taurus (Taurus) to Gemini. According to astrological influence these changes of the Sun are considered important and one should worship on these days. This day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Odisha and the festival is known as Raja Parab.


When is Mithun Sankranti in 2021?


It is a four-day festival where devotees welcome the rain and celebrate with joy. It is time when unmarried girls dress themselves beautifully with jewelry and married women enjoy indoor games and take a break from domestic work. In 2021, this day is scheduled to fall on Tuesday, June 15.


Rituals of Gemini Solstice


On this day, Lord Vishnu and Goddess Prithvi are worshiped. The people of Odisha wear traditional clothes and special puja is performed to the Peace stone, which depicts Mother Earth.


The stone is decorated with flowers and vermilion. It is believed that as the earth gets ready to receive rain, young girls get ready for marriage and pray to the Almighty.


Another common custom of King Parab is to tie the swings on the bark of the banyan tree and the girls enjoy swinging themselves and singing on it. There are different types of swing sets which are used like Ram Doli, Dandi Doli and Chakri Doli. It is said that Mithun Sankranti is very auspicious for donating clothes to the needy people.


Like all other Sankranti festivals, paying tribute to their ancestors on this day is sacred and many people visit temples on the river bank to perform it.


Food eaten on mithun sankranti


Poda-Peetha is a dish made in Odisha exclusively on Raja Parab and Mithun Sankranti, which is made with jaggery, coconut, camphor, butter and rice powder. According to the ritual, eating rice grains should be avoided on this day.


Thus, in 2021, this day of Mithun Sankranti in 2021 is going to fall on Tuesday, June 15.


Importance of Gemini Solstice


On the day of Mithun Sankranti, men and women walk barefoot on the earth to welcome the rain and there is a lot of dancing.


Devotees believe in fasting on the Mithun Sankranti to appease the Sun God and ensure that the coming months of his life will be more peaceful and happy. The temple of Lord Jagannath in Orissa is decorated and devotees come to worship Lord and his wife Bhudevi (Goddess Prithvi) in large numbers.

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