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Mohini Ekadashi 2021

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Mohini Ekadashi 2021

Mohini Ekadashi 2021

Date - 23 May 2021



Mohini Ekadashi ie. the Ekadashi on the Shukla Paksha of the baisakh month. It is considered a very holy Ekadashi and it is the most fruitful Ekadashi compared to other Ekadashis of the year. A man observes this fast with complete devotion and follows all the rules in order to get away from temptations. A person is benefited by keeping this fast and all his sufferings come to an end.



Auspicious time of Mohini Ekadashi-


Date - 23 May

Time - May 24th from 05:26:08 to 08:10:52

Timeline - 2 hours 44 minutes


The process and method of Mohini Ekadashi Puja-


Lord Vishnu is worshipped during the Mohini Ekadashi Puja. Following is the process of the Puja which is mandatory to follow-

Step 1-Get up early in the morning and take bath and wear clean clothes.

Step 2: Establish the Kalash on Ekadashi.

Step 3: After bathing and setting up the Kalash, worship Lord Vishnu.

Step 4-: The story of fasting should be heard and narrated in the house so that the religious atmosphere will always prevail in the house.

Step 5- at night, one should do the bhajan of Shri Hari and stay awake.

Step 6: The fast should be passed onto the day of Dwadashi. You must first feed the brahmins and do donation.


Things that should be avoided during the fast-


- do not consume food after the sunset of Dashmi.

-Do not keep any unfriendly behavior in your mind towards anybody during the fast.

-It is necessary to stay away from speaking a lie.


Importance of Mohini Ekadashi-


Mohini Ekadashi signifies the victory of the Devatas over the Asuras.It is important to keep this fast to achieve victory over our Evil deeds. This past also helps you to get rid of sorrows and attain salvation. This fast is followed to make a man healthy. a man able to do penance for his sins with the glory of this fast. By observing this fast with pure mind and true devotion Lord Vishnu will be pleased.





There are many mythological believes about Mohini Ekadashi. According to one belief, Lord Sri Ram kept this fast to find out his wife Sita. At the same time, when the sea churned, there was a lot of turmoil between the Asuras and the Devas. The Devas feared that they could not defeat the Asuras in terms of strength. When no way could be found then Lord Vishnu took the form of Mohini and trapped the Asuras in his fascination. As a result, the Asuras gave all the Amruth to the gods and the gods became immortal.

As per another legendary story there was a city of Bhadravati during the ancient times. The wealthiest person of this city had five sons, out of which one son Dhrushtbuddhi, the youngest of all brothers, was very wicked and indulged in evil deeds. When his evil deeds became excessive, the father drove him out of the house. After being thrown out from the house he became very sad and wanted to redeem for his Evil deeds. In order to do penance he wandered here and there. Once he found a Sage name the Kautilya who suggested him to observe the Mohini fast as a remedy for his repentance. When Dhrushtbuddhi kept this fast with true devotion and dedication, all his sense came to an end and he took the form of a divine God.

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