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Mohini Ekadashi Vrat and Muhurt timing

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Mohini Ekadashi

Mohini Ekadashi Vrat


In Hinduism, Mohini Ekadashi is considered a sacred and important holy day. It is believed that a person who fast (vrat) according to the entire ritual on this Ekadashi date, becomes lucky in his life. Also, those who keep fast on this Ekadashi get great benefits. Mohini Ekadashi is scheduled to be held on May 23 in 2021. Mohini Ekadashi fast and worship rituals

● Take a bath in the morning and wear clean clothes on Ekadashi.

● After that start Kalash installation and worship Lord Vishnu.

● It is most important in the afternoon to read and listen to the Mohini Ekadashi Vrat Katha.

● Pray to Shri Hari at night and do Bhajan-Kirtan and Jagran.

● Open Ekadashi fast on Dwadashi.

● Take food and donate it to the Brahmin or the poor after worshipping God.

● Have your meal only after this.

Importance of Mohini Ekadashi fast

According to an ancient Hindu holy book, the rift between the deity and the asuras started after receiving the nectar during the churning of the ocean. Even with his power, the gods could not defeat the Asuras, so Lord Vishnu turned to Mohini and implicated the Asuras in false illusions. He took all the nectar and gave it to the deity to drink, after which he attained immortality. Therefore, this Ekadashi is called Mohini Ekadashi.

The historical story of Mohini Ekadashi fast

There was a beautiful city named Bhadravati where a rich man named Dhanapal lived. They had five sons, the youngest of whom was Dhritabuddhi. He misused his father's money in bad works. Fed up with his bad habits, Dhanapal expelled him from the house. With this, Drishtibuddha mourned day and night and kept wandering here and there. Due to some virtuous deeds, he reached the hermitage of Maharishi Kaundilya. Maharishi was returning after taking bath in the Ganges. Dhritabuddhi pleaded with the sage, have some mercy on me and tell me a solution, with the effect of which I can be free from all my sufferings. Then Kaundilya asked him to observe the famous Ekadashi fast named Mohini Ekadashi. The sins of previous lives are also destroyed due to the virtue of this fast. According to the rules laid down by the sage, Dhritabuddhi fasted, by virtue of which he attained salvation and went to Shri Vishnu Dham.

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