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Mundan muhurta 2021

Saturday, 17 April 2021
Mundan muhurta 2021

Mundan muhurta 2021

Mundan i.e. the tradition of cutting the head bar for the first time after the birth of the infant. When the mother gives birth to the child, the children have very little hair on their head. This time is removed from the head just like this, but for that an auspicious time is needed. This is because according to the belief, after removing the child's hair after birth, he gets freedom from all the debts of his previous birth. Mundan has a special significance in Hinduism.
Usually, the shaving is done at the age of one year but it is also believed that if a child is born, it should be shaved in odd years like 3,5,7. On the other hand, if the infant is a girl then the number should be used for shaving.

Auspicious time for Mundan
Date start time end time
Monday, 22 February 6:53:49 10:58:12
Wednesday, 24 February 18:07:29 30:51:54
Thursday, 25 February 6:50:55 13:17:57
Wed, 03 Mar 6:44:49 24:23:44
Wed, 10 Mar 14:42:01 30:37:13
Tue, 11 Mar 6:36:06 14:41:39
Wednesday, March 24 6:21:12 23:13:07
Monday, March 29 20:56:32 30:15:24
Wednesday, 07 April 6:05:04 26:30:47
Monday, April 19 5:52:10 24:02:58
Monday, April 26 12:46:12 29:45:20
Thursday, April 29 14:30:21 22:12:09
Monday, 03 May 8:22:41 13:41:39
Wed, 05 May 13:24:03 29:37:35
Thursday, 06 May 5:36:47 10:32:38
Friday, May 14 5:44:58 29:31:14
Monday, May 17 5:29:28 11:36:14
Monday, May 24 5:26:08 24:13:15
Thursday, 27 May 13:04:36 22:29:55
Monday, 21 June 5:23:36 13:33:42
Monday, 28 June 14:18:22 29:25:28
Wednesday, 07 July 18:19:30 27:23:00

Importance of Mundan Muharta
Science itself has proved this religious tradition since time immemorial. In science also, children are advised to cut the hair of the head after birth. Actually, due to the doctors who have given the reason behind this, after birth, a lot of bacteria are applied to the hair of a human being. Which cannot be cleaned even after washing several times, so it should be done only after a few months or years. By removing the hair of the womb, the baby is protected from evil effects such as sorcery, sorcery, evil powers.

Benefits of Mundan Sanskar Muharta
Mundan is considered very important in Hinduism. Presently, scientists have also proved that shaving done after birth is very beneficial.
• Mundan after birth is beneficial to maintain the normal body temperature of the child.
• Many problems related to the health of children are ended forever by shaving after birth.
• Mundan is also considered very beneficial for staying physically healthy.
• Mundan body temperature is normal during auspicious time after birth.
• Children who are shaved face very few problems while getting their teeth removed.
• Science assumes that after getting shaved after birth, they get proper amount of vitamin D from the sunlight on the head of the children, which is important for making children healthy. Vitamin D also works to improve the hair of children by flowing into the cells. And makes you mentally strong.
Mentioning the benefits of Mundan in the Yajurveda states that they are powerful, healthy and longevity when the children are shaved at the right time.

Important information related to auspicious shaving
• Children should be shaved in any of the third, fifth or seventh year of birth.
• The child born should be shaved in the month of Ashadh, Magha and Phalgun.
• Mundan should be avoided during the month of Chaitra, Vaishakh and Jyeshtha. According to Hinduism, Mundan is considered prohibited in these months.
• For the shaving of the children, Dwitiya, Tritiya, Panchami, Saptami, Dashami, Ekadashi and Trayodashi should be selected and shaved on one such day.
• The selection of days for Mundan determines on the basis of his or her child or girlhood. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are considered very auspicious for the child. On the other hand, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday are considered to be the most auspicious days for the girls.

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