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Narasimha Bhagwan Ki Aarti (नृसिंह भगवान की आरती)

Friday, 26 March 2021
Narasimha Bhagwan Ki Aarti (?????? ????? ?? ????)

Om Jai Narsinh Hare,
Prabhu Jai Narsingh Hare ।
Stambh Faad Prabhu Prakte,
Stambh Faad Prabhu,
Prakte,Janka Taap Hare ॥
॥ Om Jai Narsinh Hare ॥

Tum Ho Din Dayala,
Bhagatan Hitkari,
Prabhu Bhagatan Hitkari ।
Adbhut Roop Banakar,
Adbhut Roop Banakar,
Prakte Bhay Haari ॥

Sabke Hrede Vidaran,
Dusyu Jiyo Mari,
Prabhu Dusyu Jiyo Mari ।
Daas Jaan Aapnaeo,
Das Jaan Aapnaeo,
Janpar Kripa Kari ॥
॥ Om Jai Narsinh Hare ॥

Brahma Karat Aarti,
Mala Pahinave,
Prabhu Mala Pahinave ।
Shivji Jai Jai Kehkar,
Pushpan Barsave ॥
॥ Om Jai Narsinh Hare ॥

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