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Papamochini Ekadashi 2021

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Papamochini Ekadashi

Papamochini Ekadashi 2021 || Date - 07 April 2021

According to the Sanatana Dharma, the Ekadashi or gyaras is observed on the 11th date of Panchang every month. This is considered extremely beneficial to wash away all the sins of a man. Papa Mohini Ekadashi is observed to redeem for the sins committed unknowingly. By keeping this fast all the sins of a person's are washed away and the fruits of his Virtuous deeds are received in the form of happiness.

Papamochini Ekadashi auspicious time-

Date - 07 April

Time - 13:39:14 to 16:10:59 on 08 April

Timeline - 2 hours 31 minutes

Papamochini Ekadashi Parana Muhurt

Time - 08 April at 08:42:30


Papamochini Ekadashi Puja method and process-

The Papamochini Fast should be observed by following these steps-

Step 1- the devotees must take an early morning bath on the day of Ekadashi and do the pooja and worship.

Step 2- After this, the devotees must go to the temple and read or hear the story of Lord Vishnu and the story of his incarnations.

Step 3- those who observe this fast should give a good amount of donation to the Brahmins.

Step 4- if some bad words are spoken by a person by mistake then he must light a lamp in front of lord Suryanarayana and apologize to him.

Step 5- you must chant the mantra 'Om Namo bhagwate Vasudevaya’


Things that should be avoided during the fast-

While observing the Ekadashi fast there are certain things that are forbidden. Or by doing these things the fast of Ekadashi gets dissolved. Following are the certain things which you must avoid doing-


- In the daily routine we get up in the morning and sweep our houses but on this day it is taboo to sweep and mop the floor.

- during the fast special care has to be taken regarding the food like meat Honey garlic onion etc should be kept away from you.

- It is not allowed to condemn a person no matter how bad he is. Your fast becomes fruitless if you condemn someone.

- cutting hairs on Ekadashi is prohibited. Therefore I haircut should be avoided on this day.

- stay away from the things of addition and do not think about luxurious things.


Importance of Papamochini Ekadashi-

The Papamochini Ekadashi fast has great significance. Praising the glory of this fast in the Padma Puran, Mahadev himself told that Ekadashi fast is going to give great virtues. Because if a person observes this fast then he goes from a bad yoni to a good yoni till his ancestors which is beneficial for them. Not only has this according to research conducted by the scientist, keeping this Ekadashi fast given relief from diseases like cancer. Because this fast can also be observed by staying Nirjala. The germs of the illness start eating each other as there are no grains or water inside the body due to which you are very unlikely to get some serious diseases.


Once upon a time, Lord Krishna told Kunti's son Arjuna that once a Maharishi named Lomesh narrated a legendary story to the king Mandhata, telling him the importance and dignity of Papamochini Ekadashi fast which is kept for the seeking forgiveness of the inadvertent mistakes committed by the humans. Once the son of Rishi Chayanvan named Medhavi was doing penance in a beautiful forest called Chaitratha. When many days past while doing penance then one fine day, a beautiful Apsara named Manjugosha of the heaven was passing from there. At that time her vision fell on the Medhavi and she was fascinated by him. She started trying to attract him towards her but she failed. Then one day the god of beauty Kamadeva was passing by there. He understood the agony of Manjugosha’s heart and started helping to get him attracted towards her. As a result, the Maharishi became attracted towards Manjugosha. He became so in mast in Manjugosha’s lust that he even forgot that he was doing penance to Lord Shiva. He was so immersed in her lust that he did not know how many years passed by. Many years later when the Maharishi realest his mistake he cursed Manjugosha to become a witch. Immediately she was turned into a witch because of Maharishi's curse. Soon Manjugosha realized her mistake and started apologizing to the stage for her sinful crying. This age then advised her to observe the fast of the Ekadashi that falls on the Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month.

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