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Hawan Prarthana: Pujniya Prabhu Hamare (हवन-यज्ञ प्रार्थना: पूजनीय प्रभो हमारे)

Friday, 26 March 2021
Hawan Prarthana: Pujniya Prabhu Hamare (???-???? ?????????: ?????? ????? ?????)

Poojaniy Prabho Hamare,
Bhav Ujjawal Keejiye ।
Chhod Deven Chhal Kapat Ko,
Manasik Bal Deejiye ॥1॥

Ved Kee Bolen Rchaen,
Saty Ko Dhaaran Karen ।
Harsh Mein Ho Magna Sare,
Shok-sagar Se Taren ॥2॥

Ashvmedhadik Rachayen,
Yagya Par-upakar Ko ।
Dharman- Maryada Chalakar,
Laabh Den Sansar Ko ॥3॥

Nity Shraddha-bhakti Se,
Yagyadi Ham Karate Rahen ।
Rog-peedit Vishwa Ke,
Santap Sab Haraten Rahen ॥4॥

Bhavana Mit Jaye Man Se,
Pap Atyachar Ki ।
Kamanaen Poorn Howen,
Yagy Se Nar-nari Ki ॥5॥

Labhakari Ho Havan,
Har Jeevadhari Ke Lie ।
Vayu Jal Sarvatr Hon,
Shubh Gandh Ko Dharan Kiye ॥6॥

Svarth-bhav Mite Hamara,
Prem-path Vistar Ho ।
Idan-na-mam Ka Sarthak,
Pratyek Mein Vayavahar Ho ॥7॥

Premaras Mein Magna Hokar,
Vandana Ham Kar Rahe ।
Nath Karunaroop! Karuna,
Apaki Sab Par Rahe ॥8॥

English Version
Reverend God Please Help Us to Have Pious Feelings ।
May We Leave Treachery, and Be Strong in Mind and Spirit ॥

May We Recite Veda-mantras , and Hold on to the Truth ।
May All of Us Be Jubilant in Joy, and Be Delivered from the Sea of Sorrow ॥

May We Perform Ashvamedha Yajnas and Help Others ।
May We Always Live with Faith and Dignity and Benefit the World ॥

May We Keep on Performing Yajnas Regularly with Faith and Reverence ।
And Help to Alleviate the World from the Pain of Disease and Suffering ॥

May Our Mind Be Free from the Feelings of Sin and Atrocities ।
May the Desires of All Men and Women Be Fulfilled by Yajna ॥

May the Hawan Be Beneficial for Every Living Being ।
May the Air-water Everywhere Hold the Auspicious Smell ॥

May We Get Rid of Our Selfish Feelings and Enhance the Path of Love ।
May We Truly Believe That “nothing Is Mine” Everything Belongs to God and Put It into Practice ॥

We Worship You Feeling Contented with Love ।
O Lord, Our Protector May Your Kindness Always Be Bestowed on Everyone ॥

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