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Rama Ekadashi 2021

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Rama Ekadashi

Rama Ekadashi 2021 || Date- 01 November 2021

The Rama Ekadashi is very important in the Sanatana Dharma. This Ekadashi of Krishna Paksha that falls on the Kartik month is observed as the Rama Ekadashi fast. Rama form of Lakshmi Ji and Keshava form of Lord Vishnu worshipped on the day of Rama Ekadashi. Observing fast on this Ekadashi brings wealth, happiness, peace and prosperity to our minds.

The auspicious time of Rama Ekadashi-

Date - 01 November

Timing - 02 November from 06:33:26 to 08:45:52

Timeline - 2 hours 12 minutes

The process and Pooja method of Rama Ekadashi-

On the day of Rama Ekadashi lord, Vishnu in the the form of Keshava is worshipped and the fast should be completed following these rules-

Step 1- you must get up before sunrise and take a bath along with a resolution of the fast.

Step 2- goddess Lakshmi as well as Lord Narayana should be worshipped on that day.

Step 3- offer flowers, fruits, incense, lamps and Tulsi to Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu.

Step 4- you must stay awake during the night.

Step 5- the next day you must wake up early and take bath and should feed the Brahmins only after that you must consume your own food.

Things that should be avoided during the fast-

- You must abandon sleeping in the bed in order to achieve virtue.

- You must not pluck the leaves or twigs of the trees to avoid God’s displeasure.

- Your food should be discarded on that day. To remain without food is to live a Satvik life.

- You should not be angry in order to remove the negative thoughts.

- You should not use any kind of drugs on that day.

The significance of Rama Ekadashi-

This Ekadashi gives fruits equal to Kamdhenu and Chintamani Ekadashi. By keeping this fast, a man gets free from all his sins. If a man completes this fast by following all the rules and guidelines then there shall be no shortage of money and grains in his house and he shall attain virtuous fruits from this fast.


A king named Muchukund ruled in ancient times. Kuber, Vibhishan, Varun, Indra etc were his friends. This king was very truthful and a devotee of Hari. He had a doctor name Chandrabhaga. He married his daughter to the king of Chandresan named Shobhan. When the king's daughter was in her in law’s house, this Ekadashi happened. The daughter thought that her husband is very weak. He was not capable of observing fast on this Ekadashi but the father's order was that everyone should observe this fast. On the day of the show me the whole state it was filled with drums and dolls saying that tomorrow is Ekadashi and everyone must keep this fast. Hearing this, Shobhan went to his wife and said that how should I not keep this fast because if I observed this fast then I will certainly die. To this, Chandrabhaga said everyone in my father's Kingdom has to keep this fast. Even the animals do not consume food or water on this day so what is the matter with humans. Therefore you must leave this state and go to some other state because if you want to stay here you will have to keep this fast. Shobhan agreed to observe this fast. Fasted on the Ekadashi day and stood awake during but he died at night. Three days later, Siobhan’s body was burnt in the Fire in the morning. According to our father's order, Chandrabhaga did not sit with her husband in the Fire. With the effects of this Ekadashi, Chandrabhaga husband got a state which is rich in wealth and free from Enemies on Mount Mandarachal. A Brahmin came and told all this to Chandrabhaga, a few days later. She went to a husband and both started living there happily. Observing this fast on the Ekadashi eliminates All the Sins and also one gets rid of the blame of the death.

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