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Saint Ramanujan Acharya Jayanti

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Saint Ramanujan Acharya

Saint Ramanujan Acharya was a great philosopher and was born in Tamilnadu in a village called Perumavedur. It said that Ramanujacharya was a scholar and a Guru of Hinduism and culture. Apart from this, saint Ramanujacharya has been listed among the most important speakers of the Sri Vaishnavas tradition, a section register under Hinduism. The original name of Ramanujacharya was Keshav Bhatt. His father passed away when he was very young. Soon after his father's death, he began learning the Vedas from the Yadav Prakash Guru of Kanchi. Let me tell you that his philosophical foundation for devotion was very influential for the Bhakti movement. In 2021 his birth anniversary will be celebrated on 18 April.

Ramanujacharya Jayanti-

Ramanujacharya is worshipped all over the country. On this special birth anniversary, various parts of India such as Southern Northern and many other parts joyous festivals are organized. On this important occasion of Ramanujacharya Jayanti, the temples all over India are decorated beautifully. On this day various bhajan kirtan along with several cultural programs are also organized.

On this day people offer flowers to the Statue of Ramanujacharya and pray for his prosperity. The belief of this great Saint was that devotion cannot be only measured by the remembrance of special rights and rituals. Sri Ramanujacharya Brahmastra Sutra was the original collection of Sri Bhashya and Vedartha. The most spectacular thing about Saint Ramanujacharya is his physical form and appearance which means that his mother is still preserved in the Ranganathaswamy temple of Tamilnadu. His mother is a thousand years old that is has been really preserved well. It is preserved in the Sri Ranganatha Swamy Temple located on the banks of river Kaveri at Srirangam in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu.

It is believed that Ramanujacharya visited this place during the Sharad Ritu of his life. He stayed there until he was 120 years old. After a certain time he asked Lord Ranganatha, to grant him permission to give up his physical form and unite with the supreme. During this, he announced his imminent death in front of his disciples. It is believed that according to the saintly rules, his body is placed in the corner of the south-west direction of this place.

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