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Sant Tukaram Maharaj

Friday, 02 April 2021
Sant Tukaram Maharaj

Sant Tukaram Maharaj, also known as Santashreshtha, Jagadguru, Tukoba, and Tukobaray, was a 17th-century Hindu poet and saint of the Bhakti movement in Maharashtra, India. He was a saint of egalitarian, individualistic Varkari nepotism. Sant Tukaram Maharaj is known for his devotional poetry called abhang and community-oriented worship with spiritual songs known as kirtan. In 2021, Sant Tukaram Jayanti is to be celebrated on 30 March.


Saint tukaram jayanti


Sant Tukaram Jayanti is celebrated in many parts of Maharashtra, especially in small villages near Pune. On this day, the Lord goes to the temple of Vithoba to get success in life. In many places, sermons of Sant Tukaram are recited, many programs are organized.


Life of saint tukaram


Tukaram was born in Dehu, a small village located near the Pune region in the modern-day state of Maharashtra, India. His full name was Tukaram Boloba Ambiye. The birth and death of Saint Tukaram has been the subject of research and controversy among scholars of the 20th century. It is believed that he was born either in the year 1598 or 1608. He dedicated his whole life so that he could attain salvation. It is believed that he lived near the temple of Lord Vithoba. Tukaram's ancestors followed the god Vithoba. He was from the Kshatriya family. He devoted his life to God to understand his power and stories. It is said that one day, Lord Vithoba appears in his dream and gives him the right way to dedicate his whole life in the name of God.


Contribution to Marathi literature by Sant Tukaram


Sant Tukaram has written more than 4500 saga, also known as bhang, which shows his contribution and dedication to Marathi culture. The famous poems of his collection are Janabai, Namdev and Eknath. All these poems are written in ancient Marathi language. The poems and expressions of Saint Tukaram actually reflect love and feelings towards God. He was influenced by the lives of saints, Puranas, and was a true admirer of Pandharpur. He wore simple traditional clothes. They did not wear any kind of jewelry. He believed that true faith in God lies in simplicity and not in orthodox or rites of any kind. His poems are also considered in the Guru Granth Sahib.

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