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Saturday Fasting, Vrat and its Significance

Thursday, 18 March 2021
Saturday Fast

Saturday Fast

Shani Dev means the Lord of Saturn. Saturday is considered to be the day of Shanidev and Shani Dev was very much attached to oil with Kokali things, meaning that black things are believed to be inhabited by Shani Dev in sesame and oil. Therefore, worshipping Shani Dev on this day makes Mahadasha of Shani the best place. On Saturday, keep fast for Shani Dev, due to which Saturn is established on the right planet in his life.



Things to be used in worship should be purchased a day in advance. Iron, oil, and sesame are believed to be the abode of Menshi Dev. In such a situation it would be appropriate to avoid buying these things on this day. On this day, good fruits can be obtained by following the right method of fasting. This method is


Step- 1 should first wake up in the morning and take the bath.

Step- 2 After taking the bath, remember Lord Shani and resolve to do it.

Step- 3 New clothes and jewellery should be worn on the adorable deity.

Step- 4 Story of Sunny Dev You should listen and listen.

Step 5: Chanting Shani Dev should be done continuously during the day.


The fast of Shani Dev has its own special significance. This day is considered to be very important for getting sins done in error. You should also keep fast to avoid the wrath of Shani Dev. The position of Saturn is not considered correct in many people. In such a situation, Kavrat is very important on this day because by keeping this day fast, the position of Saturn is at its best. Human suffering ends automatically.


In ancient times, there came a time when all the planets started fighting among themselves, that which is the most powerful among them. When all the planets reached Indra Dev regarding this battle, he advised them to go to King Vikramaditya on earth to resolve it. King Vikramaditya was a very inferior king. To solve this problem, he got gold, silver, copper, brass, including iron made of the throne and asked all the planets to occupy the place one by one on it. Accordingly, the powerful will say Saturn came in the last, so an iron throne came in the part of Shanidev.

Shanidev became angry after getting the throne of iron. He told the king that you have done this intentionally, so you will soon realize my importance. When the king's half-and-half came, Shani came to the kingdom as a merchant of Devaghode and did business. A much better handsome horse the king chooses to. As the king rides the horse, the horse runs towards the forest and throws him in the thick forest. The king is very much disturbed. He also has to face many problems. Once, during his half-century, he also has to get his handspun cut in the accusations of theft. When the king's half-and-half ends, a Teli is kind to him and takes him with him, but the king remembers his old days and starts humming the song, whose voice impresses the princess of that kingdom and hands him, He legally marries her despite being severed. After marriage, the king sees Indradev in his dream, which makes him realize his importance. The king begs for forgiveness from them, praying that they should not confer such a thing with anyone. Then Indra Dev says that anyone who fasts on Saturday and runs oil will not have to suffer the wrath of Shani.

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