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Shatila Ekadashi 2021

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Shatila Ekadashi 2021

Shatila Ekadashi 2021

Date - 07 February 2021



Shattila is called Krishna Paksha of Ekadashi month. It is the real truth of the world that what has come here is limited time. A man's life becomes successful only when he attains salvation and this salvation is not so easy to attain. The saints and sages had to renounce all the worldly pleasures in order to attain salvation and do penance in solitude. But if man observes Shatila Ekadashi fast with true devotion and dedication then fisher also get salvation and all his sins will be washed away. A person can attain salvation by observing a fast on the day of Shatila Ekadashi and doing penance along with donation can wash away all his sins.

On this day, sesame (til) is used in six ways hence it is called Shattila Ekadashi.


Auspicious time (Shubh muhrat)


Date - 07 February

Time - 08:05 AM to 09:17:25 AM on January 08

Timeline - 2 hours 12 minutes



Shattila Ekadashi Puja Process-


There are six types of sesame seeds (til) used on Shatila Ekadashi day.  a bath is taken with the sesame. Along with this, a paste made of sesame is applied on the body, performing a Havan, offering sesame as well as having a sesame meal is carried out on this day.

Follow this process in the same order-

Step 1- get up early in the morning and take a bath.

Step 2- worship Lord Vishnu and offer incense and flowers after worship.

Step 3- stay awake during the night and perform a Havan.

Step 4- on the morning of Dwadashi, offering should be done to lord Vishnu after taking a bath.

Step 5- after offering to the Lord, you must first feed the Brahmins only after that you can have your meal.



Things that should be avoided during the fast-


- You are not allowed to eat. It is considered best if you stay without food on that day. Fruits can be consumed if needed.

- do not use bronze utensils for food.

-  do not consume meat, masoor dal or honey.

-Use of salt and wireless Prohibited.



Significance of Shatila Ekadashi-


There are total 24 Ekadashi is out of which Ekadashi is also one. Shitala Ekadashi has special importance. It is said that by keeping a fast on this Ekadashi a person will attain benefits as he gets from donating, kanyadaan,  doing austerities for Thousand Years or by donating gold. This fast is also observed for happiness and peace in the house.



Mythical story


The importance of Shattila Ekadashi fast is mentioned in the mythology. The mythological beliefs further increase its importance. On the insistence of Narad Muni Lord Vishnu narrated a mythical story. Lord Vishnu told Narad Muni that once a Brahmin woman lived on her who was very ascetic. Even after her husband gave up his body she did not give up doing penance and once she kept a fast for a month. Lord Vishnu was impressed by her penance but the woman did not donate food to Brahmins or gods. Lord Vishnu who was himself took the form of a monk and went to her for food but the women only gave him some clay. The woman after renouncing her body when she reached heaven, there she found only an empty hut and a mango tree. After which she said to lord Vishnu that ,'I have served you with so much reverence then why I have only an empty hut over here’. To this Vishnu ji told her everything and said that this time on Shattila Ekadashi you should learn the way of fasting from the devkanyas and then observe a fast. The women followed everything and kept the fast after which she attained all the happiness.

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