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Shatatila Ekadashi

Friday, 02 April 2021
Shatatila Ekadashi

Shatatila Ekadashi is celebrated on the 11th day (phase of the moon) of Krishna Paksha, which falls in the month of 'Magha' in the Hindi calendar and in the month of January in the Gregorian calendar. In the northern regions of India, this Ekadashi is celebrated during the Hindu month of 'Magha', while in some states it is celebrated during the 'Paush' month of the Hindu calendar. Like observance of other Ekadashis, Shatatila Ekadashi is dedicated to worshiping Lord Vishnu and observing the fast on this day.


When is Shattila Ekadashi in 2021


Shattila Ekadashi is scheduled to be on Sunday on February 7 in 2021. On this day, people will observe a fast and worship Lord Vishnu and strike him.


Some more information about Shatila Ekadashi


Shatatila Ekadashi is also called 'Magha Krishna Ekadashi', 'Tilra Ekadashi', or 'Satitila Ekadashi' and is derived from the word 'Shat' which means 'six' and 'Til' means 'sesame seeds' '. On this day, sesame is used in six different ways. Use of sesame on this day is considered very auspicious as it provides both religious merit and spiritual purification. There is a big implication of donating sesame seeds to the poor and hungry people on this day. It is also custom to offer sesame and water to ancestors or ancestors on Shattila Ekadashi. In this Ekadashi, it is considered the supremacy to wash away all the evil deeds or sins committed during the life of a person.


Rituals and fasts performed during Shattila Ekadashi


Bathing with water mixed with sesame on Shatila Ekadashi is of great importance. Devotees also consume 'Til' on Shattila Ekadashi. On this day, devotees should only have spiritual thoughts and should not let greed, lust and anger dominate their thoughts.


Devotees keep a religious fast on this Ekadashi and refrain from eating or drinking throughout the day. However, if you are unable to keep a full fast, then you can also keep a partial fast. This is because affection for God is more important than strict fasting rules. However, there are certain foods that should not be eaten on Ekadashi day such as cereals, rice and lentils.


Devotees remember Vishnu ji on this Ekadashi one day i.e. on Dashami. Also people chant Lord Vishnu and make 108 upalas with sesame seeds. It is considered right to eat only once on the day of Dashami, then eat only once.


In Shatatila Ekadashi, Lord Shri Vishnu is considered as the main deity. The statue of Swami is bathed in Panchamrit, in which sesame seeds must be mixed. Later various offerings are made to please Lord Vishnu. On Shattila Ekadashi, devotees stay awake all night and chant the name of Lord Vishnu. In some places, devotees also perform a yagna on this revered day. Apart from this, the mantra “Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya” should be chanted 108 times in the night along with the Bhajan-Kirtan of the Lord.


On the same day, Lord Vishnu should be worshiped on Ekadashi, which we have also mentioned above. Along with chanting Lord Krishna, one should offer coconut, jaggery, coconut and bijaur fruits.


Importance of Shat Tila Ekadashi:


Regarding Shatatila Ekadashi, it is believed that the person following this Ekadashi is blessed with infinite wealth and good health. According to Hindu legends, devotees observing the vow will attain salvation and attain liberation from the continuous cycle of rebirth. By donating sesame seeds on Shatatila Ekadashi, the devotees get rid of all their sins committed in their current or past lives or committed inadvertently. Apart from this, offering sesame seeds mixed with water can also provide comfort to the dead ancestors.

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