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Shitala Shashti

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Shitala Shashti

Shitala Shashti fast is observed on Magh Shukla Shashti. On Shitala Shasti women keep a fast. It is believed that by keeping this fast a person can get relief from physical and divine heat. Along with this fast is considered to be very beneficial and auspicious if you want to attain a son or good fortune. It is widely said that if a woman wants to have a son she must observe a fast on this day. Along with this one shall attain peace and calm by observing this fast. Apart from this those who are suffering from the disease of smallpox can be free by keeping this fast.

Latest news about the rituals and Customs of Shitala Shashti-

Observe this fast on the day of Shitala Shashti must wake up early in the morning. After this one should take a bath and worship Shitala Mata.

Let me tell you that it is not considered beneficial or auspicious to consume hot food items on this day. Along with this taking a hot water bath also prohibited. So you must take special care of these things while observing the Shitala Shashti fast. On the Shitala Shashti fast day you must not cook in your house. That is the store is not lit on this day full. And the stove is also worshipped on this day.

For doing the Pooja, the entire naivedya or the bhog(the offerings) is prepared one day in advance. After this, on a wooden stick or on a white cloth, that idol of Shitala Mata for picture of Shitala Mata is installed. Then one must offer water while chanting the mantra-'' Shri Shitala Namah; Ihagacch Ih Tisht.'' after this you must take a cloth in your hand and offer it to the Goddess as the form of a pedestal.

After this, holy water is offered to wash the feet of Shitala Mata. After this the ideal of Shitala Mata is bathed and clothes are offered with the Vastra Mantra. By chanting the mantra- ''Idam vastra samarprayami, Om shri sheetalya namah.'clothes are offered to Mata. On this day, the tilak of chandan or akshat is offered to mata. Then flowers are offered with the Pushpanjali. At the same time the Lambs should also lit to Shitala Mata.

The food which was prepared one night before should be consumed by all in the family. On this day it is considered to be very auspicious and important to listen to the story of Shitala Shashti fast. After the storytelling the Aarti of Mata Shitala should be conducted.

Importance of Shitala Shashti fast-

The people who observe a fast on this day can get many benefits. It is believed that the woman who desired to have a son must keep this fast and they shall attain the desired fruits.

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