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Shradh 2021 Start Date And End Date - 5 important things about Pitra Paksha

Pitra Paksha

Talking about Pitru Paksha, the beginning of Pitru Paksha will be seen from 20 September in the year 2021. Pitru Paksha starts from the full moon date of Shukla Paksha of Ashwin month and when it comes to the end, it appears to be happening on Amavasya of Ashwin month i.e. Pitru Amavasya. In these 15 days, it holds special significance for those who want to show reverence to their ancestors. It is believed that we can be seen connecting with our ancestors in these 15 days. Therefore, this festival of ancestors seems to be going on for years in the form of Shradh.

The time for ancestors has been prescribed in the scriptures. These days, people remember their ancestors and are seen showing reverence for them. If a situation like Pitra Dosh persists in the horoscope, then during these days that defect is eliminated by special worship. Pitra dosha-related defects are remedied by Pind Daan. This time this Pitru Paksha will be seen starting from 20th September and the last Shradh will be seen on 6th October.

So let us know what are the things that we all should keep in mind during Pitru Paksha-



Pitru Dosh Pooja Online


1. Should have lunch (Afternoon Time)


For Pitrupaksha, it has been told that if you are inviting a Brahmin to your house for food on the day of Pitrupaksha, then it should be kept at noon. It is believed that this time is the best time to worship Pitra. Donations for ancestors should be done during this time. If you are giving food, fodder to a cow and bread to a dog, then you should choose the same time for this also.


2. Do not use iron utensils


If you are preparing food for the ancestors inside the Pitra Paksha, then iron utensils should not be used at all for this. It is believed that iron utensils should not be used at all during Pitru Paksha. This also appears to have an impact on the mental health of the family. At the same time, it also seems to increase the financial constraints in the house and also increases the tension in the house. No iron utensils should be used in 15 days and especially when preparing food for ancestors, then in no case should iron utensils be used.


3. Do not apply oil to the body on this day


It is a belief that oil should not be applied to any part of the body on the day you are performing Shradh at home on your Pitru Paksha.


4. Must not shave or cut hair


Along with this, it is forbidden to eat paan on the day of Shradh and you do not have to cut your beard and hair. It is also believed about beard and hair that beard and hair are not made in these 15 days. It has also been written in the scriptures towards Pitra Paksha that no new work should be started during these 15 days. Don't even make any new purchases. In time, full attention should be given to one and only the souls of the ancestors and if one wants to establish communication with them, then one should not divert attention towards any new thing. Therefore, it is forbidden to do any new work during Pitru Paksha and one should not buy new things.


5. No one returns hungry from your house


Along with this, it has also been said that no beggar or animal should return empty-handed or empty stomachs from the door of your house on Pitru Paksha. It has been told in the scriptures that the souls of ancestors can come to our door in any form, so no beggar or animal should return hungry from the door.


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