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Jagannath Puri Temple, Odisha

Saturday, 17 April 2021
Jagannath Puri Temple, Odisha

Jagannath Puri Temple, Odisha

Shri Krishna is considered the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. After performing the avatar, he performed many male leelas. Lord Krishna is still present on earth. Those who live in the Jagannath Puri temple. Jagannath Puri is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Which is located on the coastline of the state of Odisha. Jagannath Puri temple is miraculous as well as attractive. In this temple of Puri, Lord Jagannath sits with his brother Balabhadra and sister Subhadra. All three have a wooden statue in the temple. It is the most unique and famous temple in the country with a wooden statue. Jagannath Puri has many characteristics of the temple, which you will definitely want to visit to visit Jagannath Puri. Let's know the history and many features of Jagannath Puri

History of Jagannath Puri
It is said about the Jagannath Puri temple that the first evidence of this temple was found in the Vanaparva of Mahabharata. During that time, the tribal Vishvavasu worshiped him as Neelmadhav. While the Jagannath temple was built by King Indradyumna of Malwa. Actually, in the dream of King Indradyumna, Lord Jagannath appeared and said that I have an idol in the cave on Nilanchal mountain. It is called Neelmadhav. You should build a temple and install that idol in it. The king started searching for the Neelmadhav statue according to the order of Lord Vishnu. The king had got the idol but due to his devotion to his exclusive devotee Vishvavasu, the idol did not come from there. After which the king built a huge temple and Lord Vishnu again appeared to the king and said that you bring a big piece of tree floating in the sea and get it installed and installed, then the king idolized Jagannath and his siblings. Established in the temple.
It is also believed that the present temple was established in the seventh century, this temple has been broken 3 times. 1174 It was renovated by Anang Bhimdev, the ruler of Odisha.

Temple wonders
Jagannath idols are changed in 12 years

You will be surprised to know that the three idols in the Jagannath Puri temple are replaced after every 12 years. New sculptures are replaced by old statues. A very surprising fact associated with this process of changing the idol is that when the idol is replaced, the electricity of the entire city is cut off and the idols are changed only after the entire temple is darkened. While changing the idol, only the priest changing the idol goes inside the temple and the security of CRPF is deployed outside. The priest is blindfolded while changing the idol and after which the process of changing the idol begins. You will be surprised that Brahmapadarth is taken out in idols and applied in new idols. No one has known about this Brahman substance till date. It is said that if one should not see this Brahmapadarth. If anyone sees it then everything will be destroyed.

Birds do not fly over the temple
One of the wonders about Jagannath Puri temple is that no bird has ever been seen flying above this temple. So the airplane helicopter is not allowed to fly above the temple.

Huge kitchen of temple
Jagannath Temple has the largest kitchen in the world. More than 800 people work in this kitchen. It is said that if thousands of people are made to cook, then millions of people can eat that food. You will be surprised to know that in this temple food is made only from wood and food is made by putting seven utensils together. In which the prasad is prepared first in the topmost utensil.

Celebration of Jagannath Temple
The world famous Rath Yatra is carried out in Jagannathpuri. During which a fair is held. The yatra starts from the temple and ends at Jagannath Puri's maternal aunt Gundicha temple. It is a very grand trip. In which the devotees from the country and abroad are involved and everywhere only the influx of devotees is seen.

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