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The mantra of Lord Shri Krishna

Tuesday, 23 February 2021
Shri Krishna Mantra

The mantra of Lord Shri Krishna

Everyone stops supporting in times of grief in life. Everyone turns opposite you. Those who promise to live together are not able to help you, but the one who never leaves is only divine. God is always together in happiness and sorrow. But the question is how to pray to God in times of sorrow. Do not know inadvertently how many mistakes we make so that God does not get attention nor does he defeat our suffering. Today we are telling a mantra to please your God that helps to get out of the hour of crisis.

The collective mantra of Lord Shri Krishna

Om Shrikrishna Sharanam mm. Or Krishnaya Vasudevaya Hareye parmatmne. Pranat Kleshnasay Govindaye Namo Namah ||

ॐ श्रीकृष्णाय शरणं मम। या  कृष्णाय वासुदेवाय हरये परमात्मने। प्रणत क्लेशनाशाय गोविन्दाय नमो नम:॥

This is the mantra here that makes God happy very soon. Let's know the meaning, effect, and right way of chanting this mantra.

The meaning of the mantra: Om Shrikrishna Sharanam mm. Or Krishnaya Vasudevaya Hareye parmatmne. Pranat Kleshnasay Govindaye Namo Namah || The mantra means that we are in your refuge, O Krishna God. O Shrihari, O Vasudev, O God, O Hari Govind, greet you again and again and destroy us and provide us happiness.


Impact of Collective Mantra

This miraculous mantra of Lord Shri Krishna has a very important effect. Only by chanting this mantra, sorrows and sorrows are destroyed.

Lord Krishna is very happy with this mantra and supports his devotees at every step. He never lets sorrow in the life of his devotees.

Whoever chants this mantra with true dedication and reverence is very dear to Lord Krishna and those who are dear to God are never disappointed in life.

When a man loses everything in life. If disturbed, this mantra gives him new life and he again starts spending his life laughing happily.

The effect of the mantra is so powerful that by chanting the mantra, not only Lord Krishna but Shri Radha Rani Ji is pleased and she showers grace.

The effect in this mantra brings happiness in family life and good health of the members of the household.

The person who keeps chanting this mantra all the time. Blessed is Lord Krishna who places him in Baikunth.

The business has quadrupled day and night. Even if the students chant this mantra, they feel inclined to study and get good marks in the examination.


How to chant the mantra

Many times it happens that we do a lot of pooja recitation but our prayers are not accepted because we are not reciting pooja with the right method. If mantras are not chanted properly, then those mantras are not successful. The method of chanting this mantra is explained as follows.

Get up early in the morning and chant this mantra 108 times, sitting at home or in a secluded place in the temple.

While chanting the mantra, remember only Lord Krishna in your heart.

Along with chanting mantras, try to bring positive changes in your thoughts as well.

Try to chant this mantra 108 times in the morning and evening.

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