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Shri Ramayan Ji (आरती: श्री रामायण जी)

Friday, 26 March 2021
Shri Ramayan Ji (????: ???? ?????? ??)

Aarti Shri Ramayan Ji Ki ।
Kirti Kalit Lalit Siya Pi Ki ॥

Gavat Brahmadik Muni Narad ।
Valmiki Vigyan Visharad ॥
Shuk Sanakadi Shesh Aru Sarad ।
Barni Pavansut Kirti Niki ॥
॥ Aarti Shri Ramayan Ji Ki..॥

Gavat Ved Puran Ashtdash ।
Chhahon Shastra Sab Granthan Ko Ras॥
Munijan Dhan Santan Ko Sarbas ।
Sar Ansh Sammat Sab-hiki ॥
॥ Aarti Shri Ramayan Ji Ki..॥

Gavat Santat Shambhu Bhavani ।
Aru Ghatsambhav Muni Vigyani ॥
Vyas Adi Kavibarj Bakhani ।
Kakbhushundi Garur Ke Hi Ki ॥
॥ Aarti Shri Ramayan Ji Ki..॥

Kalimal Harni Vishay Ras Phiki ।
Subhag Singar Mukti Juvati Ki ॥
Dalan Rog Bhav Muri Ami Ki ।
Tat Mat Sab Vidhi Tulsi Ki ॥

Aarti Shri Ramayan Ji Ki ।
Kirti Kalit Lalit Siya Pi Ki ॥

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