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Shri Surya Dev Om Jai Surya Bhagwan (श्री सूर्य देव - ऊँ जय सूर्य भगवान)

Friday, 26 March 2021
Shri Surya Dev Om Jai Surya Bhagwan (???? ????? ??? - ?? ?? ????? ?????)

Om Jai Surya Bhagwan, Jai Ho Dinkar Bhagwan।
Jagat Ke Netra Swaroopa, Tum Ho Triguna Swaroopa।
Dharat Saba Hi Tab Dhyan, Om Jai Surya Bhagwan॥
॥ Om Jai Surya Bhagwan...॥

Sarathi Arun Hai Prabhu Tum, Shwet Kamaladhari। Tum Char Bhuja Dhari॥
Ashwa Hai Sath Tumharey, Koti Kirana Pasarey। Tum Ho Dev Mahan॥
॥ Om Jai Surya Bhagwan...॥

Usha Kal Mein Jab Tum, Udayachal Aate। Sab Tab Darshan Patey॥
Phailatey Ujiyara, Jagata Tab Jag Sara। Karke Sab Tab Gungan॥
॥ Om Jai Surya Bhagwan...॥

Sandhya Mein Bhuvaneshvar, Astachal Jate। Godhan Tab Ghar Aate॥
Godhuli Bela Mein, Har Ghar Har Angan Main। Ho Tav Mahima Gaan॥
॥ Om Jai Surya Bhagwan...॥

Dev Danuj Nar Naari, Rishi Munivar Bhajate। Aditya Hriday Japate॥
Strot Ye Mangalakari, Isaki Hai Rachana Nyari। De Nav Jeevanadan॥
॥ Om Jai Surya Bhagwan...॥

Tum Ho Trikal Rachiyata, Tum Jag Ke Adhar। Mahima Tab Aparampar॥
Pranon Ka Sinchan Karake, Bhakton Ko Apane Dete। Bal Braddhi Aur Gyan॥
॥ Om Jai Surya Bhagwan...॥

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