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Mesh Sankranti

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Mesh Sankranti

Mesh Sankranti is New Year day as indicated by the sun based schedule. On this day, the sun itself changes with Pisces. ie. The cloud changes into a zodiac sign. This day is praised in different structures and various territories of India. The names are commended. The new year in Odisha is viewed as the day of Pan Sankranti.

In Tamil Nadu, it is called Puthandu and on the off chance that the solstice is before dusk, at that point around the same time is observed; Otherwise, it happens the next day. As Poila Baisakh in Bengali Solar New Year. It is praised on the following day of Sankranti. Mesh Sankranti in Punjab. It is likewise celebrated as Bihu in the province of Vaishakh and Assam.

On each of the twelve Sankranti, the Sun God is respected and individuals make sure that they donate some amount of money and help the needy as per their economic capacity. According to Hindu folklore serving the penniless on this day is considered a godly and advantageous gesture.it is believed that by serving the needy on this day is very auspicious as it pleases the holy almighty. Ten valleys before the Sankranti is considered to be favourable and auspicious to perform all the holy rituals and prayers.


In 2021, Mesh Sankranti is booked to fall on Wednesday, April 14.


What is the custom for the day of Mesh Sankranti?

Revering Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Vishnu and mother Kali on this day is viewed as extremely propitious. Subsequently, the devotees worship these GODS on this particular day.

On this day all the devotees take a sacred bath in the holy water of Ganga, Jamuna and Godavari. Thus, the wrongdoings submitted by them have washed away.

On this day, a few groups of people have faith in setting up a unique beverage, called paan, which is devoured by everybody.

It is significant for the devotees to accomplish the products of their deeds by remembering the Punya Kaal Muhurta for all the work to be accomplished without any barrier.

On this significant day, devotees ought to eat satvik (newly arranged vegan) food and any sort of unfortunate propensity ought to stay away from.

Mantras and songs alongside every single other custom and functions happening in every network ought to occur on this day.


Significance of MeshSankranti:

Mesh Sankranti is praised as the territorial new year. This is a significant celebration for the Hindus. All the devotees take their sacred bath in the Ganges and make the journey to the blessed spots.

In Bihar, it is commended as Satuan. Satuan is a periodic festival in Bhojpuri culture. Sun god / Surya Dev is likewise adored and worshipped on this day. It is also known as Vaishakh Sankranti.

In some places of India, the new year begins from this day and in 2021 this day will fall on 14 April.


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