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Fasting on Sunday to appease God Sun (Surya Deva)

Thursday, 18 March 2021
Surya Deva

Ravivar Vrat | Sunday Fast

Ravi means sun. The fast of Sunday is kept for the Sun God. By observing a fast on this day, it is believed that all the wishes of man are fulfilled. Man also observes this fast for his happiness, prosperity and security. Sunday fast is considered very important for happiness, prosperity and wealth in life. Keeping the fast brings prosperity in the family and automatically creates avenues to avoid opponents.


The Sun God should fast on Sunday. The fast of Lord Surya can be observed on any Sunday, but fasting for a year or a total of 30 Sundays or at least 12 Sundays gives more benefit to this fast. The method of this fast is-

Step-1 Getting up before sunrise is considered very important. Taking a bath before sunrise should be resolved. Charan- 2 It is considered very important to wear a red garment on this day. If the idol of the sun god is not installed in the house, then his picture should be installed on that day at the holy place in the house. Should take Satvik food of step 6 fast. The use of sattvikas like milk curd is very important in food. Step 7: The use of salt in food is considered prohibited on this day, so do not use salt at all.


Sunday is considered very important for the Sun God. Fasting on this day receives special blessings from the Sun, God and the Sun God pleases his devotees and fulfils their wishes. This day is observed to get wealth and fame. Fasting is considered important for resolving family problems. This day is very important for the protection of your health and protection from your enemies.


An old woman lived in a city, who fasted every Sunday to please the Lord Sun God. Waking up in the morning for the fast and meditating on the Sun God, she vows to fast. If she did not have singing, she would bring cow dung from the neighborhood, and she would make her house with cow dung and then eat food and offer it to God. Worshipping Lord Ji made the old woman rich and rich in her life. Burned by the joy of the woman, the neighbour locked the cow in the house. If cow dung was not found, then I could not offer God. She also did not take food due to her offering to God, and she fell asleep like that. When he woke up in the morning, he saw a very beautiful cow in his courtyard, which used to give gold dung, but the old lady did not know about giving gold dung, and when his neighbour saw the gold dung, the cow dung before the old lady got up Used to lift it In this way, the neighbourhood became very rich and the woman did not realize it.

Lord Surya, seeing this trick, created a storm, due to which the old lady had to tie the cow in her house, and then she came to know about giving the cow gold. Then the old lady became very rich. The neighbour burnt the fire and informed the king. Raja took the cow under him, but after submitting it saw Indradev in the dream who asked to return the cow. The next day, the morning king, believing Lord Surya, returned the old woman to her cow and apologized for her mistake. The king also punished the neighbour and her husband for his crime. On this day, the tradition of worshipping the Sun God started on Sunday in Sehi state.

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