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Surdas Jayanti

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Surdas Jayanti

Surdas Jayanti is celebrated to commemorate the birth of the poet Surdas who was famously known for his poems and songs. It is believed that he was blind from his birth. He was an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna and because of his devoted poeticism, in the popular context; Surdas is also referred to as a poet by the devotees.

When is Surdas Jayanti celebrated?

Let me tell you that the exact date of birth of Surdas is not yet clear. There is a lack of clarity about his birth date which is why he is believed to be have born between 1479 AD or 1478 AD. According to the Hindu calendar, Surdas Jayanti is celebrated in the Vaishakh month of Shukla Paksha during a Panchami. And according to the Georgian calendar this day in the month of April or May. In 2021 this day will be celebrated on 17 May.

Why do we celebrate Surdas Jayanti?

Let me tell you that Surdas has gained widespread recognition and fame with his literary works. His Songs and poems have been widely accepted appreciated by the people. He was a devoted follower of Shri Krishna and he dedicated his entire life in writing and singing about Lord Krishna. It is said that his songs and have been settled in various stages of Lord Krishna's life. Various individuals and groups in the field of music and poetry have paid their respect to watch Surdas for his incredible contribution to the field of Hindu religious poetry.

History of Surdas-

As his birth date, the place of birth is also not clear and it is believed differently by different people. Some individuals believe that Surdas was born in Pandit Ramdas saraswat's house in Agra's Runkata district in a Saraswat Brahmin family. Where else others believe that he was born in Haryana's sihi village. As he was blind from birth, Surdas did not receive any love and attention from his family. So being disappointed from this he left his home and after getting a chance to meet Shri Vallabhacharya, Surdas became his disciple. Vallabhacharya told Surdas about Lord Krishna life, his birth, and about his childhood and he started living along with them at the riverside of Yamuna. He taught him about Krishna’s life including stories about Radha. Surdas was deeply influenced by the life and deeds of Lord Krishna composed a lot of melodies and devotional songs about Lord Krishna. It is believed that Surdas has gained his devotion to Lord Krishna very quickly and began singing for him in the form of a child. The popularly known poems of Surdas are also known as sursagar, it means the ocean of melodies.

How is Surdas Jayanti celebrated?

This festival of Surdas Jayanti is mainly celebrated in the Northern parts of India. The devotees worship and pray to Lord Krishna and observe a fast in the honor of the great poet.

The music-related communities and feels celebrate this day by organizing music sessions and poetry competitions in honour of the great poet. On this day special programs are also organized in Vrindavan.

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