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Tuesday Fast

Thursday, 18 March 2021
Tuesday fast

The method, importance and story of the Tuesday fast

Hanuman Ji is considered to be the biggest devotee of Lord Shri Ram. Hanuman ji was such a great devotee that he gave Shri Ram and Sita Mata the place in his chest. The devotee Hanuman has been the biggest contributor to the victory of Lanka. Tuesday is the day of Lord Hanuman, the devotees of Lord Rama. Observing the fast on this day Hanuman Ji becomes pleased and fulfils the wishes of his devotees. By fasting on Tuesday am and becomes Mighty and strong and a sense of service and devotion arise in him.

The method of the Tuesday fasting-

The Tuesday fast is for Hanuman Ji and Hanuman Ji follows the rules completely. Therefore in order to please Lord Hanuman, you must follow the complete rules of fasting. Following are the steps-

Step 1- before starting the fast one must take the resolution of the fast for 21 consecutive days. Fasting for 21 consecutive days is considered to be very beneficial.

Step 2- after taking the bath and the resolution, the idol of Hanuman Ji should be installed in the direction of the Ishan cone.

Step 3- The sprinkling of the Gangajal is important and red clothes and thread should be applied.

Step 4- jasmine oil should be used to lit the lamps.

Step 5- you must and Hanuman Chalisa on this day and Sunderkand should be heard and recited.

Step 6- you must fold your hands and tell your wishes in Solitude to Hanuman Ji.

Step 7- after the Puja, you must distribute the Prasad by offering the Bhog.

Step 8- you must participate in the Hanuman Ji Aarti in the temple.

Step 9- on the 22nd Tuesday you must worship Lord Bajrangbali and feed 21 .brahmins.


The significance of Tuesday fast

By fasting every Monday, all the planets of a person at pacified and Hanuman Ji is grace is attained on the fast. Hanuman Ji is called the Sankat Mochan and by fasting on this day lord Hanuman and all the troubles of a person. This fast is very important in order to keep away all the evil powers from you. If a childless person observes this fast then he can attain the happiness of a child. Most of the man keep this fast to increase their efforts.

The story of Tuesday fast-

During ancient times, there used to be a Brahmin couple who had no children. This couple a great devotee of Bajrangbali and worshipped him every Tuesday by observing a fast. The Brahmin’s wife used to take food only after offering Bhog on Tuesdays. One such day for some reason she could not offer Hanuman Ji. She was so sad that she decided to take food only after offering a blog on Tuesday. She remained hungry for 6 consecutive days and on the seventh day she fainted. Bajrangbali was so pleased with her reverence that he gave her a child as a blessing. The Brahmini went home with the child. The boy was named Mangal. The Brahmin accepted the child at the behest of his wife but he couldn't accept him with his whole heart. He was not convinced by the words of his wife. One day, seen the opportunity he dropped the child into a well but nothing happened to the child as he was attained by the grace of God. When the Brahmini came home and called her child he immediately appeared in front of his mother. The Brahman was surprised to see this. On the same night, Bajrangbali appeared in a dream and told him about the importance of Tuesday fast and also explained to him the reason for attaining the child due to that fast. After this episode, the Brahmin accepted the child and from there onwards on every Tuesday he started observing this fast.

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