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Utpanna Ekadashi 2021

Wednesday, 17 March 2021
Utpanna Ekadashi 2021

Utpanna Ekadashi 2021 || Date -30 November 2021

Utpanna means the origin or birth of someone. On this day Ekadashi Mata was born so this Ekadashi is called the Utpanna Ekadashi. Goddess Ekadashi is very dear to Lord Vishnu. It is believed in the religious texts and Sanatana Dharma that Lord Vishnu killed the demon more on this day and ever since this Ekadashi is known as Utpanna Ekadashi.

The auspicious time of Utpanna Ekadashi-

Date - 30 November

Time - December 01 at 07:37:05 to 09:01:32

Timeline - 1 hour 24 minutes

The process and method of Utpanna Ekadashi Puja-

Lord Vishnu and mother Ekadashi is worshipped on the day of Utpanna Ekadashi. Following are the process of the Ekadashi day which should be followed-

Step 1- those who are observing the fast of Ekadashi should not Dashmi.

Step 2- you must clean your teeth well the day before Ekadashi so that no amount of grains is left in between your teeth’s.

Step 3- take a bath in the Brahma muhurta on the Ekadashi day and a resolution.

Step 4- worship Lord Narayana and offer him flowers incense lamps and rice.

Step 5- you should not consume food on this day and should stay awake during the night.

Step 6- next day you must feed the needy Brahmins and you should only consume food after giving away Dakshina and clothes to the brahmins.

Things that should be avoided during the fast-

- You should not consume food at night.

- should not speak too much on this day.

- During the fast one should avoid the company of Evil sinful and false people.

- You should not sleep after the sunset.

- On the day of fasting you must stay away from Malice, treachery, false deeds and lust.


The significance of Utpanna Ekadashi-

Utpanna Ekadashi is very important. Its importance is also more because the people who wish to keep fast on Ekadashi restart fasting with the Utpanna Ekadashi. The significance of this Ekadashi can be understood by that if a person takes the darshan of Lord after beating in the shankhodhar theertha then he cannot attain the same fruits as compared to the Utpanna Ekadashi.


The story was narrated by Madhav himself to Kunti’s son Dharma Raja Yudhisthira. There was a great monster named more who had Concord Heaven in the golden age with his strength and power. Devraj Indra Dev and Agni Dev could not stand in front of this Monsters strength and might. All the Gods had to come to the earth to live. Being frustrated with his defeat Devraj intra told his problems to the jatadhari Lord Shiva on Mount Kailash. After hearing about the problem of Indira, umapati asked Indira to go to shri Narayan in the Kshira Sagar. All the Gods left for Kshira Sagar from Kailash. All the Gods prayed there to Lord Vishnu to slay the monster Mur. Lord Vishnu acid all the god that he would kill the monster. After this, all the Gods went to kill the monster in his City. There was a war between Lord Vishnu and the demon more for thousands of years. During the fight, Lord Vishnu started falling asleep. At this time lord, Narayana went to sleep inside a cave. Seeing Lord Narayana sleeping The Monster thought of attacking him. At the same time, a girl was born from a Narayan body. The war continued between that girl and the demon Mur. Became unconscious and fell on the earth. At this time the girl separates his brain from his body. After all this Shri Hari opens his eyes. Hence in this way, the girl protected Lord Vishnu. From then onwards Lord Narayana said that those who will worship you will have their sufferings destroyed and attain salvation.

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