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Venus transit in Aries April 2021- Astroonly.com

Friday, 09 April 2021
Venus transit in Aries April 2021

The transit of Venus on 10 April 2021 is going to be good for most of the zodiac signs. At 6 in the morning, Venus will be seen in the Aries zodiac. This transit occurring with the Aries zodiac sign will be seen making money benefits like yoga for most of the zodiac signs. They will continue to transit in the Aries zodiac on May 4. Venus was called the lord of Taurus and Libra. Also in Pisces, it is high and in Virgo it is low. How will the transit of Venus influence the zodiac sign Aries, let us tell you this-



This transit is going to be good for Aries signs. Wealth will be seen forming. Money and financial condition will look better improving. The relationship between husband and wife is going to be sweet. You can be seen starting new work after consulting other people. You will be seen getting the pleasure of your vehicle and your children.



For the Taurus zodiac, this transit can be said to be good in terms of wealth, but despite this, there will be disputes between the family and husband and wife. You may have to face problems due to the health-related things of the wife. Take care of the wife's health. 12 Venus sitting in the house will also be seen to be increasing your expenses, but you will also see some incidental from somewhere and getting your money stopped



For Gemini people, Venus is living in 11th place. This transit of Venus can be said to be good for your work and business. You will be seen remembering old things. Income will be seen increasing, in this transit of Venus, it will be better for you to burn the lamp given inside the temple every day.



This transit is going to be good for Cancerians. Venus is sitting in the tenth house which will be seen giving you benefits. In terms of money, this transit is going to be very profitable in terms of business in terms of a new job. You should also take time for religious work. Spouse's health will be seen as a better way out. Please tell me time with family. This is a good time to take advantage of it. By putting a little black sesame in your water in the morning, bathing enemies will not bother you.


Leo sun sign

Venus is sitting in the ninth position for Leo zodiac signs and it will serve to shine its fortune. You will be seen doing more and better than your abilities. One can also be seen travelling to religious places. Keep working hard and you will see success happening in the field and office. Always keep a statue of Ganesha or a picture with you, you will get the benefit.



For Libra people Venus 8 they must be sitting in the house. You will see an increase in love with your life partner. Along with this, the ancestral property will also be seen getting benefits. This is also the right time in terms of business, but before taking a decision, please take the opinion of the people. Do not spend too much money on extravagance. It will be very good for you to feed the cow bread daily.



For Libra people, Venus will be sitting in 7th place. This transit of Venus will be seen improving the health of life-partner. Do not borrow money from anyone at this time, otherwise, you will have to regret it later. Don't have too much faith in anyone in the field. You will be seen getting cheated. It would be good for you to have blue flowers in a river.



For the Scorpio zodiac, Libra will be sitting in the sixth house and it is a good house. You will be seen giving this visible benefit financially. Your stopped work will be seen happening. If a case has been stuck in the court for a very long time, then this time is right for that too, it will be seen to be getting benefit in that too. The sum of land is also being seen. The pleasure of the vehicle will also be seen. It will be better for you to feed the fish.



For Sagittarius people, Venus will be sitting in the fifth house and it will also be spoken well. All of the fate will be seen together. You will also get good news from abroad. You will get a promotion in a government job and gain in business. If you are doing a startup, then you will suddenly see money received from somewhere in that area.



Will be good for Capricorn people. Venus is sitting in the fourth house for you and will be seen sitting here giving you special benefits, those who want to get married and were unable to get married, people who have been alone for a long time, they are getting success in a love relationship. Will come and see from anyone, it is good to see you will get the benefit.



Venus sits in the third position for Aquarius people. The transit of Venus will be full of happiness for you, but there are some health problems that will be seen in front of you. Foreign travel and commercially long journeys are written for you at this time. Take special care of your health on these trips. In this transit of Venus, it will be better for you to feed the birds continuously and feed them.



For Pisces people, Venus is sitting in the second place and Venus will be seen giving you benefits in all ways while sitting in the second place. All manner of disputes between husband and wife will be over. You will get the happiness of your children. Financially, this is a good time. You will be seen starting a new work and the obstacles of all ways are going to end. Work hard and you will get good results.

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