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Vijaya Ekadashi 2021

Tuesday, 20 April 2021
Vijaya Ekadashi 2021

Vijaya Ekadashi 2021

Date - 09 March 2021


There are a total of 24 Ekadashi in a year. All Ekadashis has its own special significance. Vijaya Ekadashi is also one of these important Ekadashi. The Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month is called Vijaya Ekadashi. Well, one should worship God on all days, but the day of Vijaya Ekadashi is most important for the worship of Lord Vishnu. By fasting on this day, Lord Shri Ram has also benefited.


Auspicious time of Vijaya Ekadashi -

Date - 09 March

Time - 6:37 AM to 08:59:03 AM on March 10

Timeline - 2 hours 21 minutes


Vijaya Ekadashi Puja process and method-


More than keeping fast of any Ekadashi, special care has to be taken of its process and methods. By following the below process you can carry out this pooja in a best manner and its mandatory to follow these steps-

Step-1:   one evening before the Ekadashi, the altar should be made and sapt dhaanya(cereals) should be placed on it.

Step 2: According to your position on the altar, a Kalash of gold, silver, copper or clay should be placed.

Step 3 - Take a bath after sunrise and take a vow.


Step 4: After taking bath, Lord Vishnu's Kalash should be installed in Panchapallava Kalash.

Step 5: Shri Hari should be worshipped in which sandalwood, fruits, flowers, should be used.

Maintain a religious atmosphere at home all day. For this, the religious stories should be narrated in the house all day and everyone should try to listen to it.

Step 5 - The Bhajan of Shri Hari and Jagran should be performed at night.

Step-6 the next day, fasting should be done by giving food to the Brahmins and the needy or by doing a donation.



 Things that should be avoided during the fast-

- You should avoid sleeping on the night of the agyaras. Lord Vishnu is pleased if we worship him at night

- Eating betel leaf (paan)is prohibited during the fast. The reasoning behind this is that betel increases the tendency of daily life.

- During the fast, one should avoid using tooth cleansers.

- Keep physical distance from spouse because it reduces devotional feeling. Negative acts like telling a lie, anger stealing should not be done at all.


Significance of Vijaya Ekadashi

Being the oldest Ekadashi out of 24 Ekadashi, it is considered to be  more important. This fast is also observed to get rid of your forefathers and ancestors from Kuyoni. It is believed that by keeping this fast, ancestors leave Kuyoni and go to heaven. Due to fasting of this Ekadashi one gets rid of all the sins of his past and present. Even for the attainment of Vaikuntha Dham, a man should practice this fast.





The victorious fast of Ekadashi is very important which is why its stories are related to Lord Rama.  When Lord Rama headed to Lanka to get victory over Ravana and seeing water on the banks of the river, he got upset. On not finding any way, on the request of his brother Lakshman, he went to the Muni Bakdalbhya who urged Lord Rama to keep this victorious Ekadashi fast with full devotion and dedication.

Lord Rama also observed the fast with true reverence, after which he not only crossed the atrocious waters of the sea but also conquered Lanka. In mythology, Lord Brahma himself has mentioned its benefits.  According to the ancient history, a man has observed this fast for a number of times for freedom from fear and victory over the enemies.

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