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Wednesday Fast

Thursday, 18 March 2021
Wednesday Fast

The method, importance and story of the Wednesday fast

Venice days fast is considered to be very fruitful. A person observes this fast to calm his planet, Mercury. Wednesday’s fast is mostly observed by people who believe in Lord Ganesha. The Lord Ganesha is worshipped on this day. In The Puranas, it is believed that by keeping a fast of Wednesday, all the problems of the human beings are removed by blessings of Lord Ganesha and happiness shall enter into your life.

Method of fasting on Wednesday-

Wednesday's fast has to be kept very carefully. It is important to observe the fast by falling all the rules and regulations in order to remove the crisis from your life.


Following are the steps-

Step 1- if someone wishes to observe the fast of Wednesday for the first time then start from the Wednesday of Vaishak Nakshatra.

Step 2- lord Ganesha and the nine planets should be worshipped before starting the fast of Wednesday.

Step 3- you must get up early and take a bath before the sun sunrise on a Wednesday morning.

Step 4- after taking the resolution of the fast you should wear green garland or green colour cloth all day.

Step 5- lord Ganesha, lord Buddh or Lord Shankar can be worshipped on this day.

Step 6- no food should be consumed on this day but fruits are allowed.

Step 7- a meal without salt in 8 can be taken after the sunset Aarti. Food items such as curd, moong, pudding or things that are made from green things can be consumed.

The significance of the Wednesday fast-

The Wednesday fast is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and it has its own special importance. Observing a fast on this day makes the wealth accumulation plans successful. The people who own money and ways to avoid the wastage of money should observe the fast of Wednesday. Many people observe this fast of Wednesday to remove family disputes and to create a happy environment in the family.

What are the things to be done on Wednesday fast?


- You must sacrifice the food on this day. It should be taken only once a day.

- It is mandatory to use rock salt instead of ordinary salt during the fast.

- curd and potato can be consumed.

- The items made from Kattu flour can be e consumed.

- can use the dry ginger sauce in the fast.

- The Wednesday’s fast should be observed on the Wednesday of Krishna Paksha.


The story of the Wednesday fast-

Any auspicious work is prohibited on Wednesdays. During ancient times a moneylender stubbornly tried to take his wife home on A Wednesday. Despite everyone's Persuasion, when he did not agree, people allowed him to bid farewell to his wife. When his wife got thirsty on the way he went to a nearby river to fetch water. While returning with the water, another person of his same face appeared to be standing with his wife who was telling his wife as his wife. The money lenders wife also got upset seeing two people of the same face and could not decide who are Real husband was. The moneylender and the Rival started fighting among themselves. In the end, the moneylender understood that this was the result of his persistence. He immediately apologized to God to save him from this trouble. The person who looked like him was actually Lord Buddha himself. At that time Lord Buddh who was present there explained to him about Wednesday’s fast.

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