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Yogini Ekadashi

Friday, 02 April 2021
Yogini Ekadashi

Lord Sri Narayana is one of the other names of Lord Vishnu who is worshiped on the day of Yogini Ekadashi. Those who observe this Ekadashi fast, get relief by cutting the Peepal tree and get rid of all sins. By observing this fast, the negative effects of any curse can be eliminated. This Ekadashi helps in eliminating all the diseases of the body and makes you healthy and beautiful with excellent qualities and greatness. Yogini Ekadashi is scheduled to fall on 6 July in 2021.


Yogini Ekadashi fast worship method


This Ekadashi is purely fruitful. The process of this fast is as follows:


1. The fasting rules begin a day before. On the night of Dashami, the devotee should not eat food made of barley, wheat and moong dal.

2. One should not consume salty food on the day of Ekadashi, and it should be avoided even on the night of Dashami.

3. On the day of Ekadashi, after taking a bath in the morning, the fast should be resolved.

4. After that the Kalash installation should be done. The figure of Lord Vishnu should be placed on the Kalash and worshiped.

5. This fast starts from the night of Dashami and ends on the morning of Dwadashi after donating.


Importance of Yogini Ekadashi fast


Yogini Ekadashi fast brings prosperity and joy to life and is popular in all the three dimensions. It is believed that by observing this fast on Ekadashi, a person gets the equivalent of feeding 88 thousand Brahmins.


Yogini Ekadashi fasting story


In ancient times a gardener named Hem lived in the city of Alakapuri in place of King Kubera. His task was to bring flowers daily for the worship of Lord Shiva from Mansarovar. One day, he got a little late to fetch the flowers as he used to spend a lot of time with his wife. He arrived in court late. As a result, Kubera got angry and cursed him to be a leper. Impressed by the curse, he wandered around and fortunately reached the ashram of Rishi Markandeya one day. Using his powers, the sage discovers the reason for his condition and asks him to observe Yogini Ekadashi. Hem's leprosy ended with the effect of the fast and he attained salvation.

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