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  • Love and Relationship
  • Marriage Consultant
  • Career Consultant
  • Finance Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Health Consultant

About Shubh

Shubh Saraswat has been giving solutions to people's problems with the help of astrology for the last 6 years. He completed his Sanskrit education from Parshuram Sanskrit University, after which he fulfilled his wish to study in Gurukul. After this, Shubh Saraswat completed his science of astrology from Kapal Mochan Institute and after that, with the help of astrology, he is seen giving solutions to people's problems. He has 6 years of experience in the field of astrology so far and has earned a lot of name inside the Yamunanagar region of Haryana.

Due to continuous religious work, they have received good respect in society. While the youth of today dream of studying and working in a big company, on the other hand, Shubh Saraswat has chosen a social field for himself, with the help of which he is seen helping people. With the help of astrology, it can shed light on all the problems related to your life and can give you the right solution. They have a very accurate and accurate estimate of the movement of the planets and the state of the planets, with the help of which they can tell what is happening in your life at the present time and what kind of circumstances may come in front of you in the future. With auspicious Saraswat, you can talk at a very low cost and it can talk to you on almost all the problems of your life.

From the Love Zone to your business and career, you can make a correct estimate by looking at the movement and condition of the planets. Will your lost love come back or not, will your love get married, your marital life is getting spoiled due to someone, auspicious Saraswat, with the help of your kundli you can easily end these problems.


Verified Astrologers

All astrologers are verified. No fake or wrong astrologer will be found here. Our team checks the veracity and experience of each astrologer.


India's top astrologers trained by AstroOnly with 5+ years Exp. Our training makes these astrologers just perfect according to your needs.

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You are everything to us. We can do anything for the customer. Your satisfaction is everything to us. Our only aim is to make you happy after talking to our experienced astrologer.

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We guarantee your money back but with certain terms and conditions. Remember if the astrologer does not talk well or treats you rudely, in that case this rule is applicable.

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Astro Only gives you the 100 percent privacy guarantee. Your all personal data is safe with us including your mobile number, date of birth, and most importantly your identity.

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Call and Chat This Astro Only service with an astrologer is available to you 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

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