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Before starting any work, we should watch the Muhurta. If you do the right things at the right time, then you get good results. The Muhurta is said to have special significance in Hindu scriptures. The Muhurta is determined based on the movement of the planets and their position. If the right thing is done in the wrong time, then its results can also be seen coming opposite, due to which later we have to suffer. This is the reason why the special significance of Muhurta has been told in Hindu scriptures. Many things have been told to see the Muhurta inside the Hindu Shastra. Sun and Moon play a very important role in the Muhurta. Also, the position of Venus has great importance in the Muhurta. In ancient times also, works were done by Muhurta.

One of the biggest advantages of working in the Muhurta is that positive forces are supporting us at that time. If work will be done in the wrong time, then negative power is seen to have an effect on that work. In this section of Astro Only, we are going to tell you about Muhurta. By seeing these Muhurta, you will be able to easily understand in which time you have to do your good work.

Auspicious time is a unit of measurement. Amrit Muhurta and Brahma Muhurta are said to be the best. In Brahma Muhurta, saints and saints begin to meditate. According to an estimate, there are 30 Muhurats from 6:00 am to evening time.

Name of 30 Muhurta

1. Rudra, 2. Ahi, 3. Mitra, 4. Pitra, 5. Vasu, 6. Varaha, 7. Vishwadeva, 8. Vidhi, 9. Satukhi, 10. Puruhut, 11. Vahini, 12. Naktakara, 13. Varuna, 14. Aryama, 15. Bhag, 16. Girish, 17. Ajapada, 18. Ahir, 19. Buddha, 20. Man, 21. Ashwini, 22. Iyam, 23 Agni, 24. Vidhi, 25. Kanda, 26.Aditi Jeeva / Amrit, 27. Vishnu, 28. Yumigaditya, 29. Brahma and 30. Samudram.

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