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Worship of God has special significance in our life. Worshiping God brings happiness in our life and we achieve our goal. Worship of God teaches us that only by doing virtue can a man get peace. We get powers from God through worship. The powers of the God we worship are seen coming in us. Examples of this exist in the history that even the greatest warriors of the world used to worship God before going on a journey so that the powers of God come in us and he can achieve our goal. Inside the Ramayana, Lord Rama worships on one side and on the other side, Ravana is also seen worshiping. Both worship in different ways and the powers of the same way are seen coming in them. Lord Rama himself, who has been described as the image of God, is also seen worshiping so that humans in the world can understand the importance of worship and he can achieve happiness in his life.

Before starting any work, worship is done so that there is success in that work and this work proves beneficial for us. By doing puja we get peace that God is with us and he is helping us in this work for us. Even by doing worship, our self-confidence is seen increasing and with the help of self-power we are seen doing the biggest work. When there is a child born in the house, we worship, worship after buying a new house, worship before starting the business, overall, the law of worship has been told before doing good work in all ways. By performing puja, positive powers come with us and they are seen helping us. The law of worship is also told that negative powers should not dominate us.

In this section of Astro only, we will tell you how the worship is done and what benefit is gained by performing which puja-

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